5 Hacks That’ll Let You Enjoy Luxury Travel On A Budget

by Allen Brown

It does not seem right to use the words “discount” and “luxury” together, does it? In addition to traveling in luxury, what could be better than a private jet?

The concept of not having to squeeze into a seat that is just a fraction too small, next to two other people, and sharing two bathrooms with hundreds of other passengers seems an unattainable goal to many of us. Let us not forget the convenience of avoiding the long lines at check-in, boarding, security, and immigration which are often as long as the flight itself when traveling only domestically.

Celebrities who are accustomed to flying around the world on private jets do not always spend a fortune as they are believed to. With plenty of small airports nearby such as Teterboro, here are some tips and suggestions that may reduce the costs of hiring a private plane and traveling in luxury.

Tips On Booking A Private Jet

Privacy, comfort, and flexibility are some of the advantages of flying privately. The cost of these luxuries varies according to how much you are willing to spend, but they are all extremely worthwhile. Listed below are tips and tricks that can assist you in getting the desired private charter jet experience.

Choose Wisely

All charter companies do not offer the same services, so it is advisable to conduct some research before deciding. A good practice would be to contact a few charter companies and spend some time talking with a representative. Enquire about:

  • Maintenance of their aircraft
  • The qualifications of their pilots
  • The safety rating of the company
  • The company’s fleet of aircraft

Having an experienced staff that can answer questions regarding the business accurately and has knowledge about the industry is an indication of a reliable company. Companies that are inexperienced or unreliable may focus more on securing clients rather than providing superior service. Many companies offer charter jet deals.

Pick the Correct Airport

You can save quite a bit of money by choosing the right airport from which to fly. If you book a charter flight, you have greater flexibility regarding where you will be flying from and to. There are several smaller airports in most major cities, and you may be able to save money if you fly from one of them. Some smaller airports are closer to your departure city or destination, eliminating the need to leave early to beat traffic or deal with large crowds. For example, if you are hiring one of the Cleveland private jets, you should seek the advice of a charter professional regarding the airport of departure or arrival. You can expect that they will offer you options that may be less expensive and more convenient.

Educate Yourself

It is common for novice air charter clients not to familiarize themselves with the aircraft beforehand. It is helpful to know the specifications of different aircraft, including how large they are, what amenities are included, and how the plane looks. When saving money is your primary objective, you may have to sacrifice other attributes, such as the charter jet’s space or your flexibility in scheduling. But if you wish to benefit from the experience of chartering a plane, it is wise to do your research beforehand and to have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

Book A One-Way Trip

You may choose to book a round trip if you are planning on staying at your destination for one or two nights, depending on the reason for your trip. However, if you plan to stay for a more extended period, you will probably find a private jet flight the most cost-effective option. As a result of a round trip, the charter jet and its crew must remain parked until they are ready to fly again, and the delay will add up to a considerable amount. You may be responsible for making up the difference due to staff salaries, ramp fees, and revenues lost from canceled flights. A reputable air charter company can help you find one-way deals or private jet flights to accommodate your needs if you choose to use their services.

Use “Empty-Leg” Flights

There is a possibility that the aircraft will fly to a particular location to pick up or drop off passengers, and the return or departure flight will be empty, without any passengers on board. Some private jet charter companies allow their clients to access these empty-leg flights as part of their service offering. Empty-leg flights offer the same benefits as full-leg flights, like top-tier treatment. With just a fraction of the cost, you can travel in luxury and convenience, just like if you were on your private jet.

Even though private jet flights are not entirely “cheap,” these suggestions help make them more affordable. When you conduct a thorough and detailed investigation on planes and companies, you can also work your way towards luxurious traveling.

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