Awesome Ideas To Help Improve Your Camping Adventure

by Allen Brown

Packing your bags and going away for the weekend for a camping trip is a dream for many. And with the pandemic wreaking havoc on most travel plans, a camping trip seemed like a distant dream until a few months ago. However, with things getting back to normal, tourism and adventure are picking pace too. So if you are excited to take that long-pending camping adventure with your friends, here is how you could make it all the more thrilling and worth the wait!

The Right Gear

A camping experience can turn into a memorable or a nightmarish event based on the equipment you have. Yes, this is true and not an exaggeration. For instance, imagine you trying to fall asleep in the thick of the night as your tent refuses to stay put, or the sleeping bag isn’t just comfortable enough! That could leave you tired, sleep-deprived, and in no mood for adventure the morning after.

So, make sure you spend ample time and research on picking the right gear. For example, you could consult people with camping experience or go through the reviews on camping gear websites like to understand how to choose the right gear for your trip. The expert advice will ensure you do not spend your money in vain buying things that do not serve their purpose.

Awesome Ideas To Help Improve Your Camping Adventure

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Pack Light

Leaving your luxurious home and spending the night in the wild could be uncomfortable. To overcome this, most people tend to pack all that they can into their camping bags. However, the whole point of a camping trip is to move away from one’s comfort zone and experience nature at its best. So, cut down on your packing and carry only the essentials.

Make sure you have clothes that would keep you warm, an extra blanket in case it gets cold at night, an umbrella for possible rain, and comfortable shoes. Using a checklist while packing could come in handy too. Do not overload your camping bags, and try to recreate your bedroom inside the tent! Remember, unlike a hotel stay where a bellhop would carry your luggage, you would have to carry your bags around while camping. So, pack only things that you need.

Survival Kit

While the possibility of you being lost on a camping trip is minimal, it is best to be prepared. In a small box, prepare a survival kit with a few granola bars, basic first aid, a fire starter, and a compass. Make sure you have a water bottle handy at all times. This would ensure that you are well-hydrated and well-fed even if you were lost from the group.

Do some basic research and try to understand the terrain, the possible threats, the way out in case of an emergency, etc. This will save you much trouble and keep you prepared for adversities during the adventure.

Insect Repellents and Medicines

Besides the toiletries and other essentials you carry on every trip, you should also pack insect repellants during a camping trip. As you would be spending your time out in the wild, the chances of a mosquito, bug, or insect bite are high. So, carry a few insect repellents with you to avoid having a bug bite reaction. You should also make it a point to carry basic medication, which would come in handy while living in the wild.

Make sure you always stick with the group, do not forget the sunscreen, and stay hydrated. Following these tips will ensure that your camping trip is not just adventurous but fun too!

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