Drink Lemon Water Every Day and Your Body Will Thank You

by Abby Montanez

Forget about apples, did anyone ever tell you that a lemon water a day keeps the doctor away? This “magical” yet simple elixir has become a crucial part of health and wellness gurus morning routines, said to have the ability to improve digestion, brighten skin, increase one’s immune system and boost energy. All that power hidden inside such a tiny citrus fruit, who would’ve thought there was more to lemon water than just taste? If you don’t already drink lemon water every day, here are a few benefits that will convince you. 

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water Every Day

Think of lemon water as a type of detox. An internal cleanse, if you will. Lemon itself contains a plethora of vitamin C, antioxidants and nutritional benefits, while the water aspect helps keep you hydrated. Science has shown that if you’re going to drink lemon water every day, it’s best to do so in the morning. Since your body is essentially in a state of dehydration, when consumed first thing, it can aid digestion by waking up your digestive track and also increase your productivity both physically and mentally. 

You’ll Have More Energy…

There are several invigorating characteristics of lemon water that can provide an added boost of energy. From the sweet, sharp scent to its tart taste, you can’t help but feel immediately awakened. Instead of your morning cup of coffee, a drink of lemon water every day can increase mental clarity, reduce anxiety and depression and increase mood.   

You’ll Have Brighter Skin…

Who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin? The first step is waking up and taking a drink of lemon water every day. By consuming vitamin C, you’re also assisting in the creation of collagen and the protection of cells against free radicals. Working from the inside out, lemon water lends support to the adrenal glands that keep hormones balanced—resulting in less acne for those with problematic skin. 

You’ll Have a Stronger Immune System…

Lemon, in addition to being a daily source of vitamin C, is a natural antioxidant with antibacterial and antiviral qualities. Both of which are known to improve immunity. It’s also a great source of potassium, which aids in heart health as well as brain and nerve function. 

{Four Hydrating Lemon Water Recipes}

1. Lemon & Ginger

Start your day with body cleansing lemon ginger water! A simple yet powerful detox will help you get rid of toxins and boost your immune system!” – Recipe by Happy Foods Tube

Happy Foods Tube

2. Lemon & Cucumber

“This cucumber lemon water recipe is ultra refreshing and takes only 5 minutes of hands on time. Fancy drink, done in a flash!” – Recipe by A Couple Cooks

drink lemon water every day

A Couple Cooks

3. Turmeric, Lemon & Ginger

“This turmeric, lemon, ginger water is a fantastic pick-me-up when you’re feeling a little under the weather or find yourself in need of a health boost. Turmeric is commonly used in Indian cuisines, and studies indicate it’s chock full of antioxidants.” – Recipe by Taste of Home

drink lemon water every day

Taste of Home

4. Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

“Lemon Cucumber Mint Water aids to detox the body, prevent kidney stones, enhance hydration, has anticancer properties, supports healthy aging and weight loss.” – Recipe by Delightful Mom Food

drink lemon water every day

Delightful Mom Food

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