Where to Try Goat Yoga in NJ

by Mary Sparago
Goat Yoga in NJ

Goats. Yoga. What could be more relaxing than pairing the two? And how exactly do goats and yoga go together? It’s pretty simple. A yoga instructor teaches a class, typically outdoors, while baby goats romp around the group of participants. The creatures will leap onto your back or flop down on your mat to embellish the activity. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, here’s where we recommend you to try goat yoga in NJ. 

Goat Yoga in NJ is Real. And It’s Wonderful.

Goat yoga is a unique, playful activity that allows you to reconnect with yourself and nature. It’s rapidly grown in popularity throughout the U.S., with most goat yoga sessions selling out in a matter of days. A yoga class is held alongside several newborn goats, i.e. “kids.” The baby goats are gentle and charmingly curious, adding a slice of amusement to yoga’s intended relaxation. Aligning with animal therapy, this activity is largely considered beneficial for stress and physical tension. For example, according to UCLA Health’s Animal-Assisted Therapy Research, the simple act of petting an animal can lower blood pressure, reduce loneliness, and decrease anxiety. 

As you go throughout the class, you may notice several goat wranglers walking around with water bottles. For those finding these goats “cute from a distance,” the wranglers can help prevent unwanted nibbling or nuzzling. 

Overall, this trendy experience has continued to gain popularity among animal lovers and yogis alike. Luckily, New Jersey has plenty of farms that offer it for participants of all yoga levels. Try out the latest craze yourself at these local farms offering goat yoga in NJ. 

Mad Lavender Farm – Milford, NJ

Goat Yoga in NJ

Goats at Mad Lavendar Farm in Milford, NJ l Photo by @madlavender

Goats. Yoga. What could be more relaxing than pairing the two? At Mad Lavender Farm, they add yet another aspect to heighten your experience—a blissful lavender field. During each session, guests can reserve either partner or sound bath goat yoga as the air fills with the soothing scent of lavender. 

Partner goat yoga involves a yogi leading your group through a variety of exercises while dwarf Nigerian goats jump around and play. Meanwhile, sound bath goat yoga incorporates a meditative experience that “bathes” participants in a world of sound waves. It is considered a deeply-immersive, full-body therapeutic experience. The farm’s fields and activities merge simplicity, innocence, and relaxation through these one-hour sessions. 

Angels in the Pines Goat Farm – Egg Harbor City, NJ

Goat Yoga in NJ

Goat yoga at Angels in the Pines Goat Farm in Egg Harbor City, NJ l Photo by April Walker

Spring is the ideal time for goat yoga because it’s when the babies—or “kids”—are born. Catch these newborns’ clumsy, endearing moments under the gazebos at Angels in the Pines Goat Farm. At this Egg Harbor City farm, goats are the central focus of everything from milking to outings. The farm tailors its goat yoga experience to participants’ ability levels, making accommodations for everyone. Once you finish stretching out in the fresh, warm air, indulge in their variety of products and attractions. 

You can meet the other animals on the farm, purchase their freshly-made goat creams and milk, or check out their “breakfast with goats” activity. Here, Angels in the Pines’ attendees can learn everything about sustainable living and the wonderful benefits of smaller farm animals—even how to bottle-feed the goats. So, if you’re searching for additional interaction with these lovable creatures, this farm offers plenty to teach and entice its guests. 

What A View Farm – Hillsborough Township, NJ

Where to Try Goat Yoga

What A View Farm in Hillsborough Township, NJ l Photo by @whataviewfarmnj

Nature is our greatest teacher. With that being said, if you’re looking to reconnect and discover more from it, there’s no better place than at What A View Farm. Located between the Sourland Mountains in Hillsborough Township, this farm sits among flourishing fields and magnificent treelines. During the one-hour goat yoga sessions, envelope yourself in the wonders of the landscape and creatures that roam throughout it. 

With up to 20 mats per session, this farm offers plenty of space for friends and family to relax among the baby pygmy goats. What A View Farm partners with a number of esteemed yoga instructors, ensuring that participants have all the means to ease the mind and body. Afterward, if you find yourself missing the farm’s fresh produce or adorable animals, visit their monthly New Moon Market event for an evening of food trucks, wine tasting, and farmers’ market vendors. 

Totes Goats Yoga – Ringwood, NJ

new jersey farm

Goat yoga in Ringwood, NJ l Photo by @totesgoatsllc

Totes Goats Yoga is one of the Tri-State’s most popular goat yoga and petting farms. Partnering with companies in both New York and New Jersey, Totes Goats makes frequent appearances at venues like Stumpy’s Hatchet House and the New Weis Center for Education, Arts, and Recreation. Their central farm is located in Warwick, NY. Fortunately, New Jersey partners keep the Garden State entertained by hosting ongoing indoor and outdoor goat yoga events. 

Totes Goats Yoga’s certified instructors lead the experience. This farm’s mission is to help people reconnect with animals. Aside from goats, it also gives sanctuary to rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, and chickens inside its petting farm. Experience their passion and mission yourself at any of their NJ events, which you can find through their Facebook page.  

Have you tried goat yoga in New Jersey? Tell us about it! 

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