Where to Take Mermaid Swim Classes in New Jersey

by Erika Tulfo
Mermaid Classes in NJ

If you’re searching for a uniquely fun water sport to try this summer, look no further than mermaid swim classes. Mermaid swimming promises an experience like no other— whether you want an effective way to workout, a bonding activity between friends or just a way to fulfill childhood fantasies.

Because it is such a niche activity, classes can be hard to come by. Worry not— this guide details where to take lessons in NJ this summer and how to prepare for your first time in fins.

What is Mermaid Swimming?

Mermaid swimming, or “mermaiding,” is an aquatic activity where your legs are bound together in a mermaid tail. As its name suggests, it involves imitating the way a mermaid would swim with a single large fin.

First-time mermaids work their way up from the basics of getting comfortable with the tail and moving around in the water. Gradually, they will learn how to hold their breath for prolonged periods and perform routines.

Like any physical sport, mermaiding comes with its own set of benefits. Apart from building confidence and encouraging self-expression, mermaid swimming is a workout for the entire body. Moving around in a mermaid tail also builds resistance underwater which improves endurance and flexibility.

What do you need for Mermaid Swim Classes?

  • Mermaid Tail

Of course, to be able to participate in mermaid swimming, you will first need a mermaid tail. The most popular materials for tails include fabric and silicone. Fabric options for beginner mermaids are usually priced between $60 to $200. Silicone tails for the more experienced can usually cost upwards of $1000.

  • Monofin

Monofins, or swimming fins, are what give fabric mermaid tails their shape. They are fin-shaped sporting equipment that the swimmer secures on their feet to be able to move around in the tail. All the mermaid swimming schools detailed below offer tails and monofins for both purchase and rent.

  • Standard Swimming Gear

Because it is still an underwater activity, mermaid classes require participants to wear secure and comfortable swimsuits. Some schools also recommend that first-time mermaids, or those unaccustomed to opening their eyes underwater, pack a pair of goggles.

Where can you take Mermaid Swim Classes in NJ?

Barnegat Bay Mermaid  – Toms River

Barnegat Bay Mermaid is a professional mermaid performance service based in Toms River. It is affiliated with FinFun Mermaid, the leading sellers of mermaid tails and monofins. You have the option to book an experience at Ocean County YMCA or at your very own private event— from birthdays to bachelorette parties.

Participants are required to pass a swim test and only those 6 years old and above are allowed to partake in the Mermaid Swimming Experience.

The Mermaid Swimming Experience is available via sign-up here.

[email protected]

Bowfish Studios – Ocean City

Bowfish Studios was established in 2017 as an extension of the children’s clothing store, Bowfish Kids. The Ocean City-based company brands itself as “an imaginative salon that specializes in makeover experiences”. 

Among the unique experiences offered by Bowfish Studios is the one-day Mermaid Day Camp. Here, you will learn how to move like a mermaid and try out your tail alongside fellow campers in the surrounding lagoons. Also included in this package are paddle boarding and wood painting activities.

The bayside camp is located at 10th St. Wharf and is available to children ages 8 and up.

You can check out the 2022 camp dates on the Bowfish Studios website. If your preferred date is unavailable or you find yourself stuck on the waitlist, you can contact Bowfish Studios to provide a quote for private camps.


[email protected]

Jersey Shore Mermaids – Toms River

The Aqua Core Mermaid Fitness Class offered by Jersey Shore Mermaids is a traveling class based in Toms River. The class is priced at $10 a person with a minimum of five participants, though additional fees may apply if you’re outside the Brick, Seaside or Toms River areas. It runs for 75 minutes and tails will be provided.

This class is targeted towards adults and places a larger focus on the workout aspect of mermaiding. An underwater photo opportunity is available following the core workout class.

For younger swimmers, you also have the option to book an underwater photo shoot. This package is made all the more magical with waterproof face painting and a one-minute video edit of your pictures. 

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