New NJ Film Studio Opens in Kearny

by Bertha Solis

New Jersey continues to expand its film and television industry hubs throughout the state. Now, a new NJ film studio has made itself at home in Kearny Point. 10 Basin Studios opened its doors in the heart of the Kearny Point Business Center. This new filming studio is the second soundstage to open up in the same area. Previously, Palisades Stages was the first atelier to set up shop during the early months of last year. Fast forward to 2022, this new Kearny-based studio will meet several production needs. 

About 10 Basin Studios 

10 Basin Studios is linked to New York City-based company, Eastern Effects, Inc. which houses different filming amenities such as lighting and grip equipment rentals. The Kearny location features 36,000 square feet of support space and a completely soundproof stage. An additional 10,000 square feet provides office and flex space. Other available resources include 150 tons of soundproof HVAC and 7,200 amps of committed electrical power. Ample parking spaces surround the studio. 

Kearny Point Critter

“We are pleased to welcome 10 Basin Studios to New Jersey, as an important addition to our thriving film and television industry,” said Gov. Phil Murphy in a state press release. He then added, “The ongoing expansion of the state’s production infrastructure has been nothing short of amazing, and New Jersey continues to become a premier destination for filmmakers. We look forward to many more studios joining the wave of film and television business flocking to New Jersey to take advantage of the many incentives available.”

Filmmaking in NJ

The continuing expansion of these film studios in NJ can be attributed to 2021 being a successful year for filmmaking. Last year, the Garden State exceeded a predicted $500 million in revenue brought in by the film production industry. In Jan. 2022, Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law an increment to the state’s tax break program. This law signifies that digital media projects may receive credits of up to 35 percent of their expenses in certain counties located in southern NJ and 30 percent in the rest of the state. 

With the grand opening of this studio, Kearny’s Mayor Alberto G. Santos expressed high hopes for this new filming hub. “It’s very exciting news for the city of Kearny and the state of New Jersey. This latest studio opening confirms our vision for Kearny Point as a hub for film and television production. This investment will create employment opportunities and bring increased economic activity to our community,” said the mayor in the same press release. 

Main image by Caleb Oquendo 

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