This New Jersey Food Truck Is Strictly For Dogs

by Erica Soya
woofbowl new jersey

As a society, there’s almost nothing we wouldn’t do for our dogs. We give them treats, take them to the park, buy them toys, and even let them sleep on our furniture. Over the years, they’ve become less like pets and more like family. Now, our pups continue to work through this crossover as we add another luxury to the listfood trucks. Seen across the country, and even close to home, these trucks are popping up at pet-friendly parks, festivals and more. Here in New Jersey, keep your eyes peeled for Woofbowl. This dog-only food truck is serving up treats that put canine nutrition at the forefront, all handmade from scratch in their commercial kitchen. 

The Story Behind The Truck

As seen on channels like CBS and platforms like The Washington Post, Woofbowl has managed to separate itself from the everyday food truck. Originally established in 2017 by husband-and-wife duo Ron and Solo Holloway, these two dog-lovers were determined to combine their passion for pups and nutrition into an experience that both dogs and their owners could enjoy. Motivated by their dogs’ positive reaction to a raw diet, Ron and Solo became dedicated to creating a product that was both nutritious and delicious for pups.

From there, they were determined to find only the safest ingredients for their dogs by educating themselves on proper canine nutrition. After recognizing that most dog products contained dangerous dyes, flavorings, and add-ins, it became their mission to create a product rooted in natural and organic ingredients. Once they figured out the recipes, they realized how much they wanted to share it with others and spread the wealth. 

What’s on the Menu

Woofbowl is jumping on the doggy food truck trend by serving healthy “fast food” exclusively for dogs. Unlike most dog food products that can be filled with harmful ingredients, Woofbowl prioritizes the health of its furry customers. After all, dogs need carbs, proteins, and fats just as much as we do to boost their immune system, increase energy and more. The menu ranges from homemade ice cream, pizza, burgers to even non-alcoholic beer, all made special from superfood, dog-friendly ingredients that even humans can enjoy. 

Bonus, they even have handmade squeaky toys—the profits of which are donated to Veteran’s Moving Forward.

Their Mission and Values

The Woofbowl mission is simple: give good food to good dogs. They prioritize feeding only the most natural ingredients for their customers to keep them feeling good and coming back.  What Woofbowl values most is not the profit, but how they can connect with their local community and hold others to the same standard of healthy living. By building this business from the ground up, Woofbowl understands the importance of homegrown brands and community engagement to fuel their business and spread joy.

Where to Find Woofbowl in New Jersey

Because Woofbowl runs on wheels, you’ll have to keep up with their “Pup-Up” schedule to see when they visit a location near you. In New Jersey, you can find Woofbowl around Jersey City and Hoboken, as well as across the river in spots such as Brooklyn and Queens, NY. You can also follow them on social media for updates.

Have you spotted the Woofbowl truck in New Jersey? Let us know in the comments below.

Main image via @woofbowl

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