Apple Montessori Celebrates 45th Kindergarten Graduation

by Jackie Magurno
Apple Montessori

Apple Montessori Schools truly set the stage for success at their 45th kindergarten graduation. Apple Montessori celebrated their 45th kindergarten graduation with a class of 317 students among 15 New Jersey Schools. Nearly one hundred proud family members, friends, and loved ones gathered at Apple Montessori Maxwell Lane to watch the victorious children graduate kindergarten and advance to the next chapters in their lives.

This graduation ceremony stood apart from the rest. In addition to giving acknowledgement to each outstanding kindergartener for everything they accomplished while at Apple Montessori, the graduation ceremony featured student performances based on their favorite Disney films. Apple Montessori believes that movies capture the imagination of a child, and thus every child should get the chance to live out the fantasy worlds they often cling to . The children at Apple Montessori got to work collaboratively on these performances using the social skills they’ve developed at school to perfect their productions. The children also displayed emotional strength and confidence as they stood up on the stage and spoke to a large audience. These performances were a great opportunity for the children to truly demonstrate and show off what they’ve learned over the years. (It was also tons of fun!)

Apple Montessori strives to set the stage for success for their children by teaching them responsibility, independence, problem solving, and many other important life skills. This year’s graduating kindergarten class is the perfect display of these characteristics they now hold as they graduate from AMS and begin a new journey.

Apple Montessori is a family-owned school that has been inspiring a passion for learning for over 45 years. Apple Montessori offers child-inspired and research-proven programs for children ranging from infants to kindergarteners. By recognizing that no two children are the same, Apple Montessori uses a special approach that cultivates the unique potential of each and every child in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

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