Not your Bros. Cirque Italia

by Kelly Edgeworth

Coming to Lakewood June 22 – 25, Cirque Italia is the circus extravaganza that since 2012 has been reinventing the traditional circus experience in ways you’ve never experienced. Cultures from all over the world come together under this “blue and white castle” to entertain not only with sheer elegance but groundbreaking acts. Created by Italian owner Manuel Rebecchi of Circus Family Heritage, Cirque Italia has been described as “something magical never before done in the USA.”

Cirque Italia’s new Aquatic Spectacular features stunning and vibrant visuals created by the 35,000 gallons of water inside the custom designed stage. Sprinklers shower around the performers as they glide around the stage complementing their every move. Choosing to not use animal performers does not take away from the performance. Mermaids, clowns fighting dinosaurs, and acrobats ascending into the air using only a sheet of cloth will keep you and your family on the edge of your seats.

Cirque Italia

Twin Jugglers Max and Emiliano Fusco

The arena itself evokes a personal nature as performers Max and Emiliano Fusco described the connection they have with the audience when performing, “People are so close you can even feel it! You can see the expressions they make.” They liken the show to that of a private performance comparing it to other circuses that keep their audience at a distance.

One usually has to go to large cities to see the type of showmanship that Cirque Italia brings.The company cares about your family needs as much as they care for the performers’. Rebecchi explained that his goal is “For people to leave my show happy, [but also to know] that the people in my show are happy. It’s important that my peoplefrom the person who puts up the tent up to the performers are happy and relaxed [so] they can give [good] energy… because what makes this country, this world different is that [your] business comes from not how much money you make but something that comes from my heart.”

Tickets for Cirque Italia’s upcoming NJ shows range from $10 – $50 depending on seating. They can be purchased online at or by calling 941-704-8572.

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