Devils and Prudential Center Unveil New Hospitality Partner

by Peter Candia
Prudential Center

The New Jersey Devils and Prudential Center have unveiled their newest partnership with Levy Restaurants to overhaul the arena’s food and drink options. Levy Restaurants is a restaurant group that controls the food, beverage and hospitality at almost 200 arenas, stadiums and venues across the US. Teams and events partnered with Levy Foods include the Chicago Cubs, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the US Open and many more. 

In a Twitter post, Levy Restaurants stated: “We are proud to announce that we have joined with Prudential Center and the New Jersey Devils to become the arena’s new hospitality partner. We couldn’t be more excited to bring an elevated food and beverage experience grounded in the flavors of New Jersey to fans at events throughout the year!”


The change is considered much-needed by many Devils fans, who have long complained about Prudential Center’s lack of appealing food options. After the Devils most successful season in over a decade, and a bright future for the organization looming, the team is expecting to see a boost in ticket sales and popularity for the coming season. Improved dining options are a change that can further that growth in popularity. 

The change in hospitality options extends beyond the Devils, too. New food options will be available across any events taking place at Prudential Center in Newark, including concerts, basketball games and more. 

Starting next season, Prudential Center will become the ninth NHL arena to use Levy Restaurants as their hospitality partner.

The Devils are coming off a scorching hot year, making it to the second round of the NHL playoffs. Their young core of players are expected to continue improving and ticket sales are expected to improve alongside them. With new food and beverage options on the way, fans have even more incentive to buy tickets—Prudential Center hopes these changes will bring them a record-breaking year for ticket and food sales. 

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