Bow Tie Cinemas Screens the Classics

by Sebastian Krawiec
movie theater

This weekend, instead of flipping channels or sitting in front of the computer screen, step foot out of your house and head to Bow Tie Cinemas in Hoboken to enjoy some classic cinema. Every weekend, Bow Tie Cinemas hosts Cine Classics in the mornings and Insomnia Theater in the evening, where they screen film classics or cult favorites that have long been relegated to TV stations or home video. You may be asking why you should leave your house to watch a movie when there are much more “convenient” options out there. The answer is simply that home viewing is not the same as the theater going experience. There are definitely movies that are just not the same on the small screen. Some movies just require the detail and overwhelming quality that a large screen can provide, as well as the vast encompassing sound of theater speakers. Some movies just bring you closer to a different time and watching such a movie in a theater transports you to when other viewers enjoyed it the same way decades ago.

There is also an important social component. Movie theaters are about sharing an experience, not only with friends but also strangers with whom we can share laughs, cries, fear, or discomfort. Great movies incite deep emotional reactions and there is nothing worse than watching a great movie only to have no one to exchange opinions or ideas with. It’s like leaving a whistling kettle forgotten on the range. All this serves to elevate the experience of watching a movie. It’s becomes less about seeing a movie and more about being a part of an event. By putting an old movie back on the big screen, Bow Tie Cinemas is reviving a moment in time. It is nostalgia at its finest. So don’t settle for watching a movie, seek out an experience and enjoy old favorites the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

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