Chess for Youngsters

by Sebastian Krawiec

SchoolPlus Hudson, an academic enrichment program, at The Hudson School, is offering chess classes for children at a beginner and intermediate level starting tomorrow, January 9th at 4:30pm. Chess, a classic game of strategy, has long been lauded for its educational benefits, especially for developing youths. Chess programs implemented in schools in both New York and New Jersey, and around the world for that matter, show a marked improvement of mathematics, verbal skills, memory, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity among children actively playing chess. The very nature of the game is incredibly conducive to intellectual growth. Once children learn the basics (how the pieces move), and begin manipulating the pieces, they quickly learn strategy, thinking ahead and anticipating the moves of their opponents. They begin to realize patterns and use them to their advantage. As time goes on, players become more and more creative in their strategies to win.

Off the chessboard, other than improving intellectual skillsets, chess improves social skills. By having to pay close attention and anticipate moves on the chessboard, children begin to think ahead in real life, because they quickly learn the consequences of not paying attention in the game. Anticipatory behavior can really prevent shortsighted mistakes and improve personal success for children in the future. Playing against someone is also advantageous socially because it can develop friendships, collaborations and good sportsmanship among students who challenge each other to perform their very best. Most importantly, however, chess is just plain fun because it is afterall a game, with little to no stakes. Children improve themselves without realizing it because it’s just a pleasure to play.

The first class is free for all new students at SchoolPlus Hudson. For more information, visit


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