‘Rock Your Ride’ at CycleBar Hoboken

by Abby Montanez

When the thought of taking a spin class first entered my mind, panic set in almost immediately. Everything I’ve ever heard or seen suddenly came racing to the forefront and when seeking reassurance from my peers, I instead got those same familiar looks of fear and tales of horror we’ve all imagined. However, I managed to put those thoughts aside, and signed up for my first class at CycleBar Hoboken. Because that’s all it really takes—putting mind over matter. And of course, 50 grueling minutes of riding combined with weighted arm bar exercises for a full-body workout.

After putting my thoughts of horror aside, I’ll admit, I went into my first class at CycleBar Hoboken overly confident. While I was repeatedly warned of the strenuousness and endurance a spin class requires, I was feeling good and overall excited. Now, is this the attitude one wishes to have before taking a class? Yes. Will this attitude last throughout? Well, that’s up to you. For me, it was a 50-minute roller coaster of emotions, and by the end, well, I was glad it was the end. But hear me out, it was one of the best workouts I’ve experienced in quite some time!

Walking in for the first time can be a bit intimidating because in every class, there’s a mix of riders. The professionals who, if given the choice, would probably run the class themselves and are easily identifiable. Then you have the intermediates and the novices, like myself, who require a bit more attention from the CycleStar instructors. Kristin, who led the 5 p.m. “Classic” class was more than helpful in getting me set up and explained the ins and outs of how to adjust the bike and why—a very crucial part of any cycling experience. Your instructor will then go over with the entire class the three positions you will need for the ride, start the music and then, you’re off.

CycleBar HobokenWhat makes the CycleBar franchise different than any other spin club, is their ability to take care of everything, so that when you come to ride, you just ride. The newest Hudson County location, CycleBar Hoboken, owned by Jen DeMarco of Local Barre (right next door), does just that. Upon entering, expect to be greeted by a CycleBar concierge who will get you checked in and fitted for your complimentary cycle sneakers. They also provide free lockers along with water bottles to fill up and take home with you, snacks, robes, hair ties, wet clothing bags and other toiletries. The CycleTheatre is set up with two large flat screen TVs, personal data monitor which shows the CycleStats during each class, 55-custom bikes and state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting techonology to get and keep you motivated. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the studio yet, now’s the time to conquer your fear, book your bike and rock your ride!

Check out the CycleBar Hoboken website to learn more and to view upcoming class schedules.

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