Experience the Rush of RushCycling

by Sebastian Krawiec

Did you catch The Digest’s previous blog post regarding RushCycling by fellow blogger Mike Scivoli?  In it, he talks about the wonderful experience he had visiting the RushCycling studio in Hoboken and how impressed he was by the exceptional staff, the equipment, and the energetic atmosphere that this revolutionary spin studio provides. RushCycling is still delivering on all counts and has quickly become the premier spin studio in the Hudson County area. In fact, RushCycling is the only spin studio in Hoboken and the only one in the area to utilize RealRyder Indoor Cycles, which very accurately simulate outdoor cycling with their patented pivoting bike frames where riders use their core to "push, look, and lean" their way to a better body.

Because spinning is a leading fitness phenomenon and only growing in popularity, it’s important to avoid the cookie cutter classes. RushCycling doesn’t just offer spinning classes, it offers an experience.  We all remember and still enjoy the rush that riding a bike provides: the speed, the sharp turns, and the satisfaction of exerting ourselves. RushCycling distills this experience into its studio where clients can enjoy the ride with their peers, each feeling the same burn, and sharing in the satisfaction of having made it through the workout.

Every great experience is worth sharing and with Valentine’s day approaching, being alone is no fun, so take advantage of RushCycling’s new BuddyRush promotion in which you and a friend can reserve two bikes in a class for only $30.  Once you fall in love with RushCycling, they offer several pricing options, including a promotional 20% off their 5-Pack classes for the next 24 hours!

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