Interview with Musician Andrea Benham

by Sebastian Krawiec
Andrea Benham

Andrea Benham is a singer and songwriter here in Hoboken. She has released eight singles, most recently, “Flight” which was released on August 20 of this year. Andrea’s music has achieved national and international airplay. In 2013, she was nominated Female Artist of the Year at the Hoboken Music Awards. Her music is available on iTunes and her music videos can be viewed on her YouTube Channel. Andrea was kind enough to chat with us about her music and songwriting.

For those who have not heard your music, how would you describe it?

AB: I would say pop/dance.

For point of reference, is there any other artists you would compare yourself to?

AB: I would say Lady Gaga or JES from Motorcycle.

When did you first express interest in music?

AB: I started songwriting when I was seven years old.

Do you remember at all any of this early songs? Or what they were like?

AB: They were pop related.

So a common thread there. What artists really influenced that?

AB: This is totally out of left field but I grew up listening to Neil Diamond and I remember going to his concerts, and looking at his songwriting.

How did you get exposed to Neil Diamond, through your parents?

AB: Yea it was definitely through my mom. She loved him, and would go to all his concerts. Like every show he played at MSG and Philadelphia.

How did you transition from Neil Diamond to a pop kind of music?

AB: Well my mom would play a lot of Donna Summers as well. I love her. She really influenced me with regard to dance. With writing lyrically, telling stories, I was influenced by Neil Diamond and Phil Collins.

What is your songwriting process like?

AB: I usually write the lyrics first. Unless I’m given a track, then I’ll write as I’m listening to the track. But usually it’s lyrics first.

Is writing an everyday thing or when inspiration strikes?

AB: I try to write every day. If I’m going through a lot, I’ll write all day long.
You collaborate often with DJ’s. Was this something you always intended on or did it just happen that way?

AB: I’ve always been interested in the DJ life, remixing and mixing, developing oneself as a DJ and as an artist. So it felt hand in hand.

What do you find most rewarding about being a singer/songwriter?

AB: I just love to try different things, to work with different artists. I love all different kinds of genres. I fell in love with Nashville. I’ve been to London, to Amsterdam. Last year I performed in Ibiza, so I like to travel and work with different people and meet different people. It enhances my creativity for sure.

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