Jersey City Among The World’s Most Instagrammed Skylines, Says New Study

by Abby Montanez
jersey city skyline

We’ve all heard that the best views of New York are from New Jersey. But apparently, the best views of New Jersey are from Jersey City. In particular, its skyline is one that tourists find to be among the most striking (and Instagrammable). In fact, a new study by Pixsy listed Jersey City as the 16th most photographed skyline in the world. The NJ cityscape outranked the likes of Miami, Florida and Sydney, Australia to name a few. 

In gathering research, Pixy created an initial list of the most famous skylines across the globe. To put things into perspective, there were over a hundred cities with breathtaking horizons to consider. Among them was our very own Jersey City, New Jersey.

To refine the data, Pixsy cross-referenced the list with local population data, the number of annual visitors and even Instagram hashtags. This helped narrow down the results to three different categories, each with its own rankings. These include The Most Photographed City Skylines by Total Number of Posts, The Most Photographed Cities by Tourists and The Most Photographed Cities by Locals.

jersey city skyline

Jersey City, NJ skyline l Photo by Bruce Emmerling

Turns out, the Jersey City skyline ranked 16th in “The Most Photographed Cities by Tourists” category. There were also additional findings that outlined “The Most Photographed Skylines in the USA.” These were broken down by total posts, posts per resident and posts per visitor. To the surprise of the study coordinators, JC was one of the “unanticipated contenders” when it came in 7th place ahead of Seattle and Miami in the total posts per visitor category. 

Why Jersey City Has The Most Photographed Skyline In NJ

Of all the findings, Jersey City was the only NJ town to make the list. What’s so inspiring about this skyline in particular? For starters, it’s filled in quite a bit in recent years. So much so, the silhouette now rivals that of NYC.

Glass high-rises and 500-foot real estate developments continue to emerge along the Gold Coast. There are unmatched views of Manhattan, New York Harbor and even the Statue of Liberty. The Jersey City waterfront has even welcomed prominent developers, architects and artists to contribute to its growing set of projects. 

The draw, at least for those looking for more than a photo-op, is the close proximity to many mass transit stations, rent prices and more. However, for those just looking for something to feature on their IG feed, the Jersey City skyline clearly brings in the likes.

Main photo by Tomas Martinez

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