Little Town Social

by Sebastian Krawiec
Little Town Social

Little Town Social is situated at 205 First St. in Hoboken. When you enter, the centerpiece of the room is a large rectangular bar where people can gravitate and gather, with plenty of negative space around it as the crowd gets larger. High tops and communal tables for large groups line the walls as well as a wealth of television sets. Little Town Social, like its name implies, is not a restaurant per se but more equivalent to a social club, without the membership aspect. It’s a spot ideal for casual conversation and a few drinks. They do have a small food menu, which despite its size offers an interesting and delicious selection of small plates that span a range of culinary influences.

My tasting menu included pork meatball, kimchi buns, salt baked pretzel, and salt & vinegar fries. The pork meatballs were familiar and tasty, adorned with marinara and shaved grana padana, accompanied by crostini. The kimchi buns were made up of brisket, kewpie mayo, and the prolific Korean fermented cabbage that is its namesake, kimchi. The brisket and the kimchi are an interesting and compelling marriage of flavors that’s definitely worth a try. As someone who craves salt & vinegar chips on a regular basis, the salt & vinegar fries were a welcome side to the meal. All in all, there are some big, foreign, and familiar flavors on Little Town Social’s menu giving people the opportunity to be adventurous while still being able to enjoy old favorites.

Little Town Social is open from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. “Social Hour” starts at 4p.m. and goes until 8 p.m. Monday-Friday. They start serving food at 5 p.m.

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