Money Actually Grows on Trees — In the Form of Gold

by Michael Scivoli

Money Actually Grows on Trees — In the Form of Gold

If we all had a dollar for everytime our parents asked us, “Do you think money grows on trees?” We just might be able to create our own money trees, and none of us ever really lose that mental image of ourselves plucking crisp $100 bills off the maple tree in our backyards. What if I told you money actually grows on trees? A group of scientists in Australia have found gold growing in eucalyptus trees and they’ve suggested that there might be more of it beneath the trees’ roots. Essentially, the roots of a eucalyptus go so far under ground searching for hydration that they actually reach gold deposits. Scientists say that the gold may actually be toxic to the trees — perhaps they should consider using debit.

Before we all grab a shovel and a ticket to the Outback, the gold growing on the foliage of these trees is barely visible to us. So maybe there aren’t Benjamins growing on these branches, but there is some form of gold – and that’s something we do base our money off of. So in that regard, money actually grows on trees. Even though the 49ers won’t be moving to Sydney, this new information may help find gold deposits without actually drilling. The full analysis of this study was published in Nature Communications, you can view the full article here. Now, if only you had a time machine to let the adolescent version of yourself know that your parent’s favorite idiom has to be holstered.

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