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New Jersey’s Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish in 2021

by Kate Wells

Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season and there’s no better way to celebrate than by filling our plates and surrounding ourselves with loved ones. While everyone’s excited for the delectable turkey, what I’m most excited for, and I’m sure you are too—are the sides. Not only do they bring the entire meal together, but they can also be a lifesaver when the turkey gets overcooked. (Don’t deny it, we know it happens.) And let’s be honest, they’re the best part anyways. But what Thanksgiving side dish is the most popular in New Jersey?

Moving between the Garden State and Louisiana, the sides on my Thanksgiving table always vary. But I wondered how they compare and which dish is each state’s favorite. This is one matter I take very seriously, so much so, it’s become a personal battle of who has the best ones—the North or the South? Luckily, a new study from Zippia revealed exactly what each state likes to eat.

How We Got Here

Everyone assumes that the sides on Thanksgiving remain the same. However, different parts of the country are bound to prepare their meals differently. That’s why Zippia, a research company, took it upon them to determine each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish by using Google Trends. They took over 20 “classics” and determined which ones were searched exceedingly more than the others. 

For example, Zippia explained they looked at each state and analyzed which side dish was searched more among the others to conclude their results. 

In Nebraska, Zippia found that their citizens searched for crescent rolls much more than any other side dish. So, it was determined that crescent rolls must be more popular than anything else. 

Map by Zippia

Let’s Dive In…To Our Plates

Through Zippia’s research, they found that carbs seemed to be fan favorites throughout the United States. In fact, nine states found mashed potatoes as their favorites while four states chose rolls and a few others searched for stuffing or dressing the most. 

Louisiana was one of the states where cornbread dressing came out on top, and I can tell you the love for cornbread dressing and rice dressing in the South is very real. One thing I learned in moving down here is that what I eat on Thanksgiving in New Jersey is very different from my Thanksgiving in Louisiana and it all comes down to the sides. 

In Louisiana, southern comfort comes first and foremost as cornbread dressing and rice dressing is a state favorite. My side of choice, which I hope to bring back to New Jersey, is the sweet potato crunch. It consists of sweet potato baked in a pan with pecans crumbled on top with a sweet and savory glaze.

Also in the South, it’s not Thanksgiving without some mac and cheese or a green bean casserole. The sides alone could be a meal. 

Where Does That Leave New Jersey?

In New Jersey, stuffed mushrooms took the No. 1 spot for Thanksgiving sides, with the only other state in agreement being Alaska. 

Though only two states share the love for stuffed mushrooms, who wouldn’t love something bite-sized on their plate? In my opinion, everyone else is missing out and New Jersey is just ahead of the game when it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes. 

Wondering what the most popular Thanksgiving side dish was in New Jersey last year? Find out the results here.

Main image by Pro Church Media

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