Snow in April?!

by Sebastian Krawiec
Spring 2014 never forget

After spending hours in a dark living room watching movies, I left my friend’s house only to discover a small blanket of snow on all the cars. I recalled hearing vaguely of this in the forecast, but when I saw the snow with my own eyes, I was baffled. We’d successfully transitioned into the comforting warmth of spring, and now here was our old friend winter, rearing its ugly head, letting us know not to get too comfortable.

This past winter has generally been a really cold one, breaking records for low temperatures and snow. Newark had nine days in a row where the temperature didn’t reach above 10 degrees, and the winter brought 60.5 inches of snow compared to 20 inches last year.

When spring officially arrived, temps were still lingering between twenty and forty degrees. We cursed the name of an oblivious groundhog and annoyed, kept on wearing our winter coats. So when the last few weeks became seasonably warm, we settled in, started to pack winter away in boxes and frolicked in the fields. Now we’re back to the coat, at least for a little bit.

Honestly, it hasn’t been an entirely unpleasant reunion. All this warm weather reminded me how much I hate to sweat. Well played, Mother Nature — I like your sense of humor.

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