What You Should Know About Terra Virtua And Digital Collecting

by Tom Lavecchia
terra virtua digital collecting

People love collecting. It’s the kind of hobby that brings a rush of excitement when you’re looking for specific items, and elation when you’re able to find said items for your collection. Different items are being collected every day, and have been for years and years—according to some historians, the act of collecting dates back to the 3rd Century B.C.

Collectible items usually range from what we already know about: things like sports trading cards, DVDs, music albums, old coins and stamps and so much more. But as time moves forward, we continue moving into a more digital world with everything becoming available to us via the internet or streaming service. The same goes for collecting.

Digital collecting is becoming more frequent as time goes by. Think of it like the shifts we’ve seen with movies and video games. Instead of purchasing the newest DVDs, Blu-Rays or even VHS tapes like we did back in the day, we now have streaming services with quicker access to films and TV shows. With video games, we have the chance to experience those settings through virtual reality headsets. But what happens when you combine the worlds of entertainment, video games, VR technology and collecting? You get Terra Virtua.

Terra Virtua is a fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment platform. It focuses on bringing VR, AR and 3D entertainment to its members and allows them to buy, sell and trade all kinds of digital collectibles (also known in the community as non-fungible tokens or NFTs). The platform also includes a number of features that its members can utilize.

1. The Terra Virtua Fancave, Terradome & Art Gallery

All Terra Virtua members have access to a special, personal lounge called the Fancave. In the Fancave, you can view and interact with your digital collectibles and personalize the interior of the Fancave to make it your own. Your Fancave basically acts as your own personal crib away from home. And for items that might be a little too big for you to display in the Fancave, you can place them inside of the Terradome.

Members can also check out the Terra Art Gallery. Here, artists and creators can display their digital artwork for others to see; the works range from minimalism to some of the most extravagant works out there. If you see a piece that you want to own for yourself, you’re able to buy it and display it inside of your Fancave space—similar to being an art collector in real life.

2. The Terra Virtua Marketplace

Perhaps the most known feature of Terra Virtua is its marketplace. This is the space where users and collectors can buy, sell, and trade any of their collectibles.

In 2019, the company reached agreements with Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment to license some of their most popular brands to the Terra Virtua platform; this allowed Terra Virtua to take well-known movies and TV shows and create one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that people wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Examples of media that you can find collectibles of on Terra Virtua include Top Gun, Pacific Rim, Netflix’s Lost In Space and The Godfather, along with many more. Later this month, the platform will carry a new line of NFTs based on the new blockbuster, Godzilla Vs. Kong, which is set to come out on March 31.

3. Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) 

Last December, Terra Virtua announced Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK), its very own cryptocurrency. With TVK, members of the platform have access to several benefits, with the first being its use as a form of currency. You will be able to use TVK as a payment method for the Terra Virtua Marketplace, and it also helps reduce any transaction costs that apply to your purchase.

Next, if you have a certain amount of TVK in your account, you can become a member of an elite program called Terra Virtua Prestige. Terra Virtua Prestige includes a number of special opportunities for you to experience; the more TVK you have, the more benefits you receive. These include early access to select new releases, voting on what NFTs you want to see in the marketplace, preview events, monthly drops of free TVK and NFTs and much more.

Lastly, those with TVK now have the chance to deposit and trade their tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bilaxy and Bitmax, and is, as CEO and co-founder Gary Bracey says, now available for everyone.

To enjoy Terra Virtua, you don’t need to do anything special; you just have to be a fan of the content and enjoy collecting to become a part of the community. Bring yourself and your love for NFTs and let Terra Virtua take care of the rest.

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