7 Good Reasons To Visit The Hawaiian Island Of Kauai

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Hawaii as a whole is a group of islands surely worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. But the true spirit of this tropical state is not captured until you visit the magical island of Kauai. From the relaxing atmosphere to the beautiful nature and friendly people, there are many reasons to travel to this particular part of Hawaii. Follow this article to see why exactly you should consider booking your next trip at this exact place.

Why should you visit the Hawaiian Island of Kauai?

If you are a fan of tropical places, Hawaii is the right place for you, especially this beautiful island. These seven reasons listed below should convince you to book your next trip to Kauai right away because it is worth it. The things you see will leave you breathless and there will be nothing that will leave you dissatisfied. Here are the reasons to visit.

1. You will have a hike of a lifetime

One of the toughest hikes of the state of Hawaii is located on this very island, and it is more than worth walking through it. The Kalalau Trail, as they call it, is a 22-mile round trip on the island of Kauai and it will surely test your stamina. However, once you see the rewards you will not feel tired anymore. The vistas are breathtaking, and you cannot ask for more calming beaches. The cliffs you will pass on this two-day long hike are some of the prettiest in the world. Have in mind that, since it is indeed a tough hike, you will need a permit to go through it.

2. The Waimea Canyon

This completely natural canyon has been nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific“ and it surely lives up to it. The dips are very colorful because of the plants that grow all over it, and when combined with the towering waterfalls, it is a sight that you will not forget for a long time. To make the most out of it, go to the lookout point of the canyon and you will surely be blown away.

3. Their domestic coffee

The Kauai Coffee Company has a specific way of making their grinds into your cup of joe, and you can learn all about it on the tour. Even though everyone has already heard of Kona Coffee, this is something new to experience. When you get to Kauai, make sure to visit the company, tour its grounds and see how they make their unique coffee.

4. The relaxation

Many people like to go on vacation to get some quiet, especially if they are living in huge cities. If you are one of them, Kauai is the right place for you because, aside from the exciting activities you can do, this island is very much sleepy, so it’s perfect for passive tourists. This is a great place for you to recharge your batteries by sitting on the beach or by the poolside. This island in the middle of the Pacific will help you forget about all your problems, and you will surely be well-rested once you return from it.

5. The wild waterfalls

Even though every Hawaiian island is very much known to the world for its raging waterfalls, there might not be a wetter place than Kauai. Many mountains on it create fantastic waterfalls worth seeing. For example, there is Mount Waialeale that has dozens of them pouring into the deep canyon. No wonder the producers of “Fantasy Island” picked the Wailua Falls for the opening credits. Also, there are Waipoo Falls in the Waimea Canyon that are not as easy to reach but content from the height of 800 feet.

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6. The historic part of Hawaii

Kauai is the oldest one of the main Hawaiian islands, and therefore contains a lot of history and spirit. Seeing the geology is more than enough proof of that. To have a full view of the island’s natural history go to the Makauwahi Cave. It is a huge sinkhole full of fossils and artifacts. This is one of Kauai’s coolest activities since you can find animal bones, traces of extinct vegetation, as well as evidence of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods.

7. The beaches

One of the greatest attractions, whenever you are going to the oceanside, are the beaches, and Kauai lives up to your expectations. The water is clean and unclouded, the atmosphere is calm and sleepy, so if you want to relax, you came to the right place. Take a boat trip and explore the beautiful corals and wildlife the island offers. Make sure to check the forecast because the beaches can be dangerous in a storm.

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If these reasons don’t convince you to visit the magical island of Kauai nothing will. But be assured that the relaxation and activities are so cool and fun it would be a shame to miss out on them. If you are a fan of tropical places this is the right destination for you. Do not let the opportunity sail by you!

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