A Comprehensive Guide To Positano Italy

by Daniela Marin

Positano, Italy’s hillside is sprinkled with miles of beautifully vibrant buildings adorned with green vines and grass skimming the mountain—below the marvelous Mediterranean. In the summer seasons, the blue sky and white sun umbrellas along the sand. The streets are charming to walk, as the tiny cars slither by. The hot Tuscan sun cascades over visitors, and  glistens over the sea. 

Tips While Out and About  

When traveling to Positano, be ready to walk. Positano has many stairs, so make sure if you want to get those great pictures—especially for ladies who plan on wearing heels—the cobblestone might not be your best friend. I would say wear comfortable shoes and if you decide on wanting to wear heels, to bring them in your bag. Another tip is to book in advance if there are certain restaurants that you’re interested in, look into them a couple months before your trip. Italy is very popular, so some restaurants are booked to the max by the time  you get there. Public transportation isn’t too common in towns like Positano, but renting a car or utilizing the airport shuttles is a good way to get to your hotel or Airbnb. If you aren’t too much of an experienced driver, renting a car might not be for you. The tiny streets in Positano are lovely but as a new driver, they are a little bit harder to navigate.

Where To Stay 

In a beautiful place like Positano it’s hard to find just the right place to stay. It seems like every place has its own personality and quirks to it. Some of my suggestions are try to stay lower closer to the beach while visiting Positano. A reason for this is that during the summertime, the heat usually beams down very hard at the top of the Positano mountainside. Staying from the middle down to the beach area would be a better option.Some great places to stay are , Panoramic Villa La Scalinatella Airbnb, it’s close to the beach about a 5 to 8 minute walk but high enough to admire some breathtaking views. 

Places To Eat

Let’s face it Italian food is delicious, with so much food all over Positano. It can be hard picking a place that has delicious food and that offers some scenic views. Da Vincenzo wasn’t a tourist trap restaurant. The service was great, and the calamari was golden brown and fresh, not greasy. It was perfect. My personal favorite was the tiramisu, possibly one of the best from the Amalfi coast. O Parrucchiano in Sorrento isn’t located in Positano but is gorgeous. Lemon trees surrounding the dining area make the list for being a gem. From all the places I’ve been, the pasta was good. The sauce was just too cheesy and I would say this is one of the more authentic dinners that you can get in Italy. Not only that but you still get to enjoy a beautiful and still-worthy picture session.

Things To Do in Positano

One of my favorite things to do when I get to Positano that has become a bit of a tradition is to stop by this lemon stand run by this man named Salvatore on Via Arienzo, about a 20 minute walk from the main beach. The lemons are out of this world, bigger than the size of my palms. Salvatore loves when people come to his stand from all over, the stand is an infamous staple of Positano and serves up refreshing lemonade and orange juice. 

positanoOne of the key things to do when in Positano is go to the beach and take some nice pictures, the beach can get pretty packed so I would suggest getting there early and if you want to rent out chairs and umbrellas, I would say do it the day before online. This is just a little tip, as it can get very packed or they are already reserved by the time you get there. Despite the level of packed it gets, it’s definitely worth it for the breathtaking view and backdrop of the beautiful architecture. it is as if you are living in a postcard.

Da Ferdinando Beach is more for the travelers who want a little bit more privacy and tranquility, overall less people are at the beach. The chair rentals are also more economically friendly and you can get front row without a reservation for the most part.

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