Mercury Direct February 2021: Here’s What You Need To Know

by Michael Scivoli
mercury direct 2021

Mercury will station direct in February 2021, ending its retrograde and beginning what is called the post-shadow period or retroshade. Beginning on February 20, the Swift Planet will not orbit smoothly and will need about half a week to regulate itself. As with its retrograde, you may experience difficulties with Mercury-ruled aspects such as transportation, commerce, communication, etc. Though this only takes a few days, it will take weeks for the planet to actually regain its full strength.

What does Mercury direct actually mean?

This planetary aspect is essentially Mercury changing its motion; it is resetting itself and coming direct following its retrograde (when a planet appears to be changing its movement). When this happens, the planet (in this case, Mercury) will need time to adjust the change. The planet is returning to the degree/position it initially started in (and then technically passing it). This scenario is similar to standing up after the completion of an extended airplane ride.

One important aspect to note is that as Mercury stations direct, it’s still the fastest moving planet in the entire solar system. Mercury travels at roughly 112,000 mph and moves around our sun every 88 days (it takes Earth 365 days). So essentially one year on Mercury passes much quicker than it does on our planet. When Mercury comes direct, this is also why its changes, retrogrades and movements are so profound. To slow down and speed up requires a bit more than other planets. Before it returns from its retrograde, it needs a brief period of recovery (aka retroshade).

How will Mercury Direct affect you?

While you can still experience issues similar to Mercury’s retrograde, this post-shadow period is not a carbon copy of its retrograde. You will have the opportunity to complete things that you could not during Mercury’s retrograde. When Mercury is back at its force after the first few days, the difference will be profound enough for you to physically notice.

On February 20, 2021, as Mercury awakens, you too will feel more coherent. That long plane ride is finally over and you’ve splashed some cold water on your face in your hotel room. You will now see those problems that arose during Mercury’s retrograde in January more clearly. As the planet returns to its direct orbit, so do the issues you’ve been wrestling with.

Mercury Retrograde shadow period follow its direct movement

Whether moving direct or into retrograde, Mercury’s planetary movements are profound. After Mercury comes direct on Feb. 20, Mercury’s retroshade will linger on for a couple of weeks. So although Mercury Retrograde has ended, you may want to wait before throwing caution to the wind as we enter its post-shadow period.

How does this planetary movement affect your sign specifically?

Read more about how Mercury direct 2021 can affect your sign in February here.

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