Jersey City’s Love Lane Salon to Expand This Summer

by Julia Valenti
Love Lane Salon

Since starting in 2016, Love Lane Hair Salon has far exceeded its humble beginnings. From the minute they opened their space on the fourth floor of Vito A. Lofts, they proved that they were different from salons of the past. Hailed for their inclusive and sustainable practices, the hidden gem on Christopher Columbus Dr. has become a favorite among Jersey City residents. (With an impressive Instagram following to boot.) Four years later, they hope to bring the same positive energy to their additional Grove Street location–their first storefront as well–opening this summer. 

For founder Kristina Maccaro, the inspiration behind Love Lane Salon was simple. The hairstylist had spent years working in the industry, training with some of the top brands and professionals. However, she never found a place that felt like home. So, Maccaro decided to create her own, a “non-salon” of sorts, in the hopes that it would serve the same function for others. “In 2016, Love Lane was my dream. I wanted to create a salon I genuinely WANTED to exist in. A space that was cool, kind, and inviting. Good hair and a great space. Where values and ideals meant something,” Maccaro shares.

This chill, welcoming ideology is explicit in Love Lane Salon’s hip decor. Located in the historic Vito A. Lofts building, their waiting area has a similar lived-in feel to it. Brick walls and antique chandeliers line the shop, while an eclectic lounge houses coffee and an acoustic guitar to strum while you wait.

Image of Love Lane Salon

Love Lane Salon at 190 Christopher Columbus Drive l Photo by Alissa Laurie

More Than Just Hair

Beyond aesthetics, Love Lane also wants to increase the comfort of its clients by providing an environment that is both gender-neutral and affirming. Operations Manager Julia London states, “We aim to create a safer space for everyone that walks through our doors by employing inclusive practices including gender-neutral services and transparent communication.” 

As part of this vision, each team member offers a unique hourly rate, clearly relayed at the time of booking. Pricing is purely reflective of the quality of your personal time with a stylist. The salon offers services from haircuts to stylings and extensions, all of which are open to clients of any gender. 

On Love Lane’s website, they ask you to specify your pronouns prior to treatment to ensure the most comfortable experience. Team members are also part of the Dresscode Project alliance, which offers monthly resources to educate themselves on providing positive services for LGBTQ2S+ clients. As London sums it up, “hair has the power to make someone feel 100 percent themselves, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly!”

Photo of Love Lane Salon

Love Lane Salon inside Vito A. Lofts l Photo by Alissa Laurie

Eco-Forward Beauty

In addition to this, Love Lane Salon also tries to promote safe environmental practices in all that they do. The salon aligns itself with eco-friendly beauty brands such as Kevin Murphy and Foil Me foils. Furthermore, Maccaro boasts how through their partnership with Green Circle Salons, Love Lane recycles a whopping 95 percent of their beauty waste. As it turns out, even hair clippings can be repurposed to create something valuable. “Green Circle recycles hair clippings by composting with other organic waste, making bio-composite plastic, or using for research/development of new technology like insulation and stormwater filtration,” London adds.

Always looking to the future, Love Lane Salon is thrilled by the growth of their business, and with it the chance to broaden their positive impact. “In 2021, I couldn’t be prouder to say that Love Lane is now a shared dream. It is so much bigger than I ever fathomed it could or would be. It means so much more to my Team than I could have ever prepared for. Together, we’ve built a community with our clients centered on good hair and great values” says Maccaro.

Photo of Love Lane Salon

Stylist at Love Lane Salon in Jersey City l Photo by Alissa Laurie

What We Know About Love Lane’s Second Location

Love Lane’s new storefront will be located among other downtown Jersey City staples such as Mint Market, Dullboy, Orale, and Love Locked. While it is still currently under construction, you can check out their Instagram for updates on the new space. To make an appointment at their current salon, you can either sign up for a virtual hair consultation on their website or contact their client communication team directly via text or email.

Main image of owner Kristina Maccaro by Alissa Laurie

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