21 New Jersey Businesses With Sustainable Practices

by Jordan Hutchinson
New Jersey sustainable businesses

Let’s be honestshopping sustainably is not an easy task. Seeking out eco-friendly or package-free shops in New Jersey can require a ton of research and recon. But it’s much more accessible than you think. Whether you’re looking for a low-waste grocery store, clothing outlet, or even just a refreshing drink, there are plenty of environmentally friendly options to choose from. While we couldn’t possibly shout out all of the incredible companies we’ve seen, here are 21 sustainable businesses in New Jersey to start you off on your eco-consumer journey.

Grocery Stores & Refilleries

1. Dry Goods Refillery – Maplewood, NJ

This plastic-free pantry in Maplewood aims to reduce any and all forms of waste that they can. Dry Goods Refillery buys in bulk to reduce packaging and creates local supply chains within New Jersey. Their refillery concept encourages customers to take only what they need, limiting the chances of food waste. Currently, they’re expanding from a pantry into a full grocery in Montclair, and they’ve earned $20,000 of funding from their local community.

sustainable business Maplewood New Jersey

Pantry items at Dry Goods Refillery | @drygoodsrefillery

2. Zero to 180 Market – Morristown, NJ

The name Zero to 180 Market tells you everything you need to know about this sustainable businesses mission for Morristown, New Jersey. Zero to 180 wants to promote zero-waste living and help its customers reduce waste in their own lives. Their pantry is completely package-free, products are sourced in bulk, and you can get refills of your favorite foods. Make sure to check out their wellness section for additional green products that you can use every day. 

3. Good Bottle Refill Shop – Montclair and Maplewood, NJ

Refilling is an awesome way to reduce waste. Instead of buying plastic containers over and over, you can simply refill what you already have at home. Good Bottle Refill Shop doesn’t want you to pay for your trash, so they offer tons of products that are absolutely package-free. Good Bottle offers cleaning supplies, shampoos and conditioners, laundry detergent, and many other household products. Not only does Good Bottle aim to be waste-free, but toxin-free as well. All of their products are safe for you to use and better for you. 

montclair small business

Good Bottle storefront in Montclair | @goodbottlerefillshop

4. Whole Earth Center – Princeton, NJ

Between the incredible vegetarian deli and the organic local produce, Whole Earth Center is a must for sustainable grocery shopping. They’ve created a smaller, local supply chain to source their completely organic and non-GMO selection. Strolling the aisles at Whole Earth Center you’ll find a from-scratch bakery, a farm-fresh deli, and a world-class wellness section. Whole Earth also gives you a dime for every reusable container you bring from home. 


5. Margo Market – Hoboken, NJ

Margo Market is serving up elevated apparel in a big way. This sustainable New Jersey business puts an emphasis on the artisans behind each piece in the hopes of promoting eco-conscious fashion. The store mainly caters to women with tons of cozy apparel in minimalist colors. They also offer cute accessories like jewelry, hats, bags, and shoes, in addition to their curated home decor and apothecary sections.

sustainable business Hoboken New Jersey

Margo Market storefront in Hoboken | @themargomarket

6. Sadie’s – Maplewood, NJ

Cute and sustainable clothing is hard to come by, but Sadie’s makes it look effortless. All of their clothing is produced ethically, meaning that producers are committed to sustainable practices. Even better, Sadie’s donates 1 percent of every sale to charities that support vulnerable communities. In terms of selection, expect to find chic clothing, accessories, and self-care products for all genders. 

7. Nancy Rose Performance – Montclair, NJ

Inspired by NYC streetwear, Nancy Rose Performance aims to empower women to feel edgy and powerful in their activewear. With a focus on women’s workout clothes, Nancy Rose Performance makes versatile pieces that you can wear anywhere. The best part about this brand is its exclusive partnerships with eco-friendly factories that uphold fair labor practices. All of their suppliers produce clothing ethically and pay their workers fair wages. Any and all waste produced from dying or manufacturing NRP pieces is responsibly reused, recycled, and treated. 

sustainable business in Montclair New Jersey

Sweatshirt and yoga pants from Nancy Rose Performance in Montclair | @nancyroseperformance

8. Todd Shelton – East Rutherford, NJ

Todd Shelton’s apparel line is inspired by the simplicity of well-fitted clothes. With a focus on men’s basics like T-shirts, button-downs, jeans, and khakis, Todd Shelton aims to make your everyday items last longer and stay out of the landfill. The brand also caters to in-between sizes that don’t exist elsewhere, allowing customers to find their perfect fit.

Self Care & Household Items

9. Sustainable Haus Mercantile – Westfield and Summit, NJ

The zero-waste philosophy is one we all aspire to, but Sustainable Haus Mercantile is adding a new goal to our list: non-toxic living. In their line of wellness and everyday items, Sustainable Haus makes zero-toxin products that make for a cleaner, healthier life. Their stock includes household items that help you organize, store, and clean almost anything in your house (including your kids). Keep reducing waste by refilling your favorite products at their Summit or Westfield locations whenever you run out. 

sustainable businesses New Jersey

Zero waste makeup from Sustainable Haus Mercantile | @sustainablehaus

10. Unwrapped – Asbury Park, NJ

This package-free shop is true to its name: Unwrapped. Customers at this sustainable New Jersey business are encouraged to bring their own containers and refill their most basic household goods. Unwrapped offers bath time necessities for every member of your family, including infants and fur babies. This Asbury Park shop is the perfect place to stock your home with sustainable options that you can feel good about buying. 

11. Culture Couture – Montclair, NJ

You can describe Culture Couture in two words: good vibes. Made for the conscious consumer, Culture Couture focuses on ethically made items that bring positive energy into your life. They’re known for their sustainably made statues of deities, but Culture Couture is also a great place to shop for a housewarming gift, a piece to spruce up your bookshelf, or a feel-good purchase that will give you eco-consumer confidence.

sustainable businesses New Jersey

Chakra Buddha statue from Culture Couture | @culture_couture

Interior Design & Architecture

12. Tracey Stephens Interior Design – Montclair, NJ

Home renovation can feel messy, dusty, and exhausting. At Tracey Stephens Interior Design in Montclair, New Jersey, they’re proving it can actually be one of the more sustainable businesses. Refinishing your kitchen can still mean being eco-conscious if you buy a recycled countertop, heat-saving windows, and energy-efficient appliances. Lean on the experts to learn how you can recycle or resell demoed materials and stop them from ending up in landfills. Tracey Stephens also specializes in finding green and toxic-free materials that keep your home as safe as it can be. 

13. Mowery Marsh Architects – Hoboken, NJ

If you’re prioritizing energy efficiency, waste reduction, and a clean environment in your renovation, Mowery Marsh Architects might be the right choice for you. They specialize in what’s called the “Passive House,” which is a green home that’s eco-conscious and works at maximum efficiency. Mowery Marsh Architects focuses on areas of your home where you’re losing heat to remedy waste and lower your bills. They’re experts in energy efficient windows, air filtration systems, and safe insulation hacks. Heat loss and energy inefficiency are forms of waste too, and Mowery Marsh Architects can help you eliminate them.

sustainable business Hoboken New Jersey

A Madison property from Mowery Marsh Architects | @mowerymarsharchitects

14. Swati Goorha Interior Design – New Providence, NJ

With their love of bold colors, patterns, and influences from around the world, Swati Goorha Interior Design is sure to amp up your space. They aim to be a one-stop-shop for your home renovation. Swati Goorha sources organic and sustainable materials for their projects. They also source natural products, antiques, or pieces made from renewable resources to reduce the carbon footprint of your reno as much as possible. Using green pieces and long-lasting items, Swati Goorha Interior Design ensures that as little as possible ends up in the landfill.

Food and Drink

15. Green Point Juicery – Morristown, Verona, Maplewood, NJ

Let’s talk about all of Green Point Juicery’s labels for a second: organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, kosher, and sustainable. This juice shop doesn’t mess around. They offer their patrons a firm pledge against refined sugars, additives, and GMOs, ensuring premier quality fruits and veggies. Green Point Juicery also boasts a “leave no trace” policy, which means all of their packaging and waste is recyclable or compostable. GPJ offers smoothies, acai bowls, cold-pressed juice, kids’ smoothies, and superfood boosters for bonus nutrition.

sustainable business New Jersey

Juice from Green Point Juicery in New Jersey | @gpjuicery

16. Bibi’z Lounge – Westwood, NJ

Bibi’z Lounge is all about philosophy. They believe that the way to an epicurean life is through laughter, delicious food, and fantastic wine. This Westwood restaurant sources much of its food from sustainable vendors, and they encourage a slow food movement. Slow food is a countermovement to the fast-food industry, which prioritizes profit over the environment and consumer safety. As far as Bibi’z is concerned, that’s no way to fuel your body. Treat yourself like a temple, indulge to make your heart happy, and be a conscious consumer. 

17. Eight & Sand Brewery – Woodbury, NJ

Combining traditional European brewing with American ingredients, Eight and Sand Brewery is changing the beer game. Run by three New Jersey natives, Eight and Sand has fully committed their business to sustainable practices. Rather than brewing with fire and heat elements, they use eco-friendly steam heat. They also use solar panels to cut their carbon dioxide emissions by 700 tons per year. Eight and Sand also reduces its waste by sending their spent grain to local farms for compost use.

nj brewery

Flynn’s Irish Red beer from Eight & Sand Brewery in Woodbury | @eightsandbeer

18. Black River Roasters – Whitehouse Station, NJ

Even a cup of coffee is better when it’s eco-friendly, and Black River Roasters agrees. Since they opened in 2004, this coffee shop has sourced its beans from small-scale producers around the world. As one of the many sustainable businesses in New Jersey, Black River Roasters ensures that all of its partners meet certain standards. All of their sources produce organic beans, are Rainforest Alliance certified, and uphold fair trade practices for their workers. 


19. Java’s Compost – West Orange, NJ

Composting is a foolproof way of reducing food waste while replenishing the earth. It keeps food from rotting in landfills, adds nutrients back into the soil, and turns waste into a useful resource. Java’s Compost provides residential pickup of compost, commercial pickup for restaurants and businesses, as well as consultations for your own compost setup. Their Instagram account frequently posts about their composting journey, growing plants, and makes the entire experience more accessible. Java’s Compost also donates compost to urban farms in Newark to support the fight against food deserts. 

new jersey compost

Compost bins from Java’s Compost in West Orange | @javascompost

20. Drop the Beet Farms – Freehold, NJ

Hydroponic farming is all the rage these days, but Drop the Beet Farms is pushing indoor farming to be even more versatile. Drop the Beet Farms utilizes aquaponics, a crossover between raising fish (aquaculture) and growing plants without soil (hydroponics). DBF brings aquaponics to local schools to show communities how they can grow food effectively, efficiently, and with limited space. Showing the next generation how to farm sustainably, and with few resources, is a massive part of their mission. 

21. Eden Glory Farms – Passaic County, NJ

Microgreens are a huge and ever-growing trend. They can provide tons of nutrition and take up less space than traditional crops. Eden Glory Farms grows organic microgreens in their indoor farm. They also consult with businesses across New Jersey to help others set up their sustainable vertical farm. Indoor farming allows you to produce your own food year-round, even with little space and resources. Eden Glory sells its microgreens through New Jersey vendors, so check their socials to find out where to buy near you.

Leave your favorite sustainable New Jersey businesses below!

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Rossana June 11, 2021 - 9:35 am

Other wonderful small businesses are Illuminate Food, Chameleon Blue in Clinton, NJ, and Lanoba Design for refurbished furniture.

A March 28, 2022 - 6:17 pm

Ancient oak tattoo in point pleasant !

elizabeth May 12, 2022 - 2:46 pm

How about White Lotus Home a Natural and Organic manufacturer in New Brunswick, NJ of Mattresses, Pillows & Bedding!


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