5 Well-Known Mother and Child Paintings

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Throughout history, master artists have illustrated the subject of motherhood gracefully, capturing both the emotion and beauty of this stage in a woman’s life. As the decades passed, icon paintings depicting a mother and child have earned their place in arts and culture, and more recently, on our home walls. Here we’ve master-crafted a list of five mother and child oil paintings. And while sourcing the originals is undoubtedly an impossible task, the reproductions of these can make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones with an affinity for classic works.

Breakfast in Bed, Mary Cassatt

The masterpiece ”Breakfast in Bed” was crafted by American craftsperson Mary Cassatt in 1897. Portraits of women, portrayals of mother and children involved in their day-to-day activity, were signature subjects of this much-revered artists.

In this mother and baby painting, the artist has flawlessly portrayed the moment of sweetness and intimacy that exists between them. Looking closely at the painting, the mother is holding her child tightly while they are still in the bed, and their breakfast is still on the bedside table. The mother’s eyes are focused and alert that the child in art won’t fall from the bed.

The oil art justifies the facial expressions and emotions of both the child and mother and is a true beauty. The original painting is currently located in The Huntington Library and Art Collections in California, USA.

First Steps (after Millet), Vincent Van Gogh

Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh painted “First Steps (after Millet)” at the end of 1890 when he was a voluntary patient at the asylum. This oil painting is one of the reproductions made by Van Gogh and was inspired by Jean Francois Millet’s crayon drawing of the same title made in 1858. The original of Gogh’s work is preserved in Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

The painting is assumed to have been very dear to the artist, as his brother was recently married and expecting a child. The painting shows a father who just stopped his farm work to see and receive his child’s first steps with his arms wide open, while her mother, being the protective ones, holds the child in art from tumbling onto the ground. Van Gogh improvised the Millet’s version of “First Steps” with a beautiful and suave color pallet to the canvas. He painted the bottom half yellow with few hints of green, and the top with greenish vegetation. The artist has also made use of the same blue color for the sky and the house behind the tree.

Poppies at Argenteuil, Claude Oscar Monet

“Poppies at Argenteuil” is an oil painting produced in 1873 by French painter Claude Oscar Monet. The artist painted this oil-medium masterpiece when he was settled in Argenteuil during the Franco-Prussian War, and can now be viewed at Rancho Mirage, New York.

The upper horizon of the painting has a very bright sky filled with white clouds, representing a cheerful sunny day. The lower horizon of the artwork is composed of a child and a middle-aged woman, who is probably the mother of the child. They are wandering through the green field showered with vibrant red poppies blooming. This clearly demonstrates them wandering in the field which used to a very mundane mother and child activity in those days.

Madonna of the Chair, Raphael

The Madonna Della Sedia commonly known as ”The Madonna of the Chair” painted by the renowned Italian artist Raphael dates back to 1513 to 1514. And it can, at present, be marveled at the premise in the Palazzo Pitti collection, Florence.

One of the most popular works of the Italian Renaissance, the image illustrates the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus embracing her young child who is Christ. The artist highlights the intimate relationship of three characters- Mother Mary and Jesus, and the other youthful character is Saint John the Baptist who clasps his hands in prayer and is looking at the mother and the child.

Mother Mary affectionately wraps the child in her arms while she watches out of the painting into the eyes of the viewer. This is one of the most beautiful mothers and child paintings of all time, illustrating the unconditional love that exists between the two.

La Promenade, Claude Oscar Monet

La Promenade is the French name for the very famous oil painting titled ”The Stroll” also known as ” Women with a Parasol.” This impressionist masterpiece was created by Claude Oscar Monet in 1875, and can now be viewed at the National Art Gallery in Washington D.C.
The art piece captures the artist’s wife Camille Monet and their son Jean Monet while they were living in Argenteuil. The painting was crafted outdoors on a bright joyful day and highlights a casual and happy family outing. No doubt a shot in motion, the veil of the lady’s gown is blowing and the grasses in the meadow are also flowing through the air.

Acquire a Flawless Reproductions

Mother and child paintings have always won the hearts of the audience all across the world. The portrayal of the pure emotions in the masterpieces radiates love, warmth, and affection in the vicinity where it is perfectly hung. Getting a beautiful reproduced copy of any of the famous paintings is a great way to lift up the ambiance in your home.

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