Our Favorite Hudson County Artists to Follow on Instagram

by Abby Montanez

Once upon a time, The Digest used to publish an annual art issue and it was always one of our favorites to work on—simply because there’s no shortage of local talent to show off. In the age of technology, and especially in the midst of self-isolation, art has become more than a medium for expression. It’s a kind of therapy for both its creators and consumers, so powerful in fact that it has been shown to combat depression during social distancing.

Local arts and culture spaces such as Mana Contemporary in Jersey City have changed their outreach to cater to those at home, focusing exclusively on their digital platform and offering an opportunity to follow along as their artists take over social media, host virtual workshops, etc. Elsewhere across the Internet, soothing and satisfying paint mixing videos and vibrant street art can provide a sense of optimism, or at the very least, a few minutes of escapism.

While I’ve personally been trying to limit my screen time (outside of work), I’ve also found myself interested in seeing what our own local art community has been up to. Here are some of The Digest’s favorite Hudson County artists to follow on Instagram.

1. Jamie Pomeranz (@devilsmaycare)
Hoboken, NJ

Artist Jamie Pomeranz, who also goes by Devils May Care, specializes in what’s known as “fluid art.” Acrylic paints are essentially thinned out, and the technique can include anything from pouring, dripping, swirling, glazing or dipping to create an abstract piece.

Hudson County Artists to Follow on Instagram


2. Mr. Mustart (@mr_mustart)
Jersey City, NJ

Chances are, you’re probably already familiar with the works of Jersey City artist Mr. Mustart. He’s done countless murals around town, including this scene located by the “100 Steps” that lead into Hoboken.

Hudson County Artists to Follow on Instagram

Abby Montanez

3. Shannon Harfosh (@shannonharfosh)
Hoboken, NJ

This Hoboken resident’s cheery depictions of the city are what we need right now. Harfosh’s work has a range in terms of aesthetic and subject, but what remains consistent is her bright and colorful demeanor.


4. Norman Kirby (@normkirby)
Jersey City, NJ

Norman Kirby is best known for his unique fence art around Downtown JC, in which he weaves dyed fabrics into eye-catching designs or thoughtful sentiments. What you might be surprised to learn about Kirby is that he spent over five years as an artist assistant to Stanley Casselman, considered to be one of Mana Contemporary JC’s (and the art world’s) most impressive artists.


5. Nicole Doodles (@girlwhodoodles)
Hoboken, NJ

We love the playful quality of doodles, and the work from @girlwhodoodles is no exception. From more graphic-looking pieces to notebook sketches, her work is nothing short of relatable.


6. Allison Green (@allisongreenart)
Jersey City, NJ

We met Allison Green awhile back during a trip to Mana Contemporary. The contemporary artist specializes in large-scale paintings which often include “natural world” subjects such as emerging plant life, birds in motion, trees and more.

Hudson County Artists to Follow on Instagram


7. Brittany Paige (@brittanypaigedesigns)
Hoboken, NJ

I first saw Brittany Paige’s work at a Jersey City street fair where her stand had a collection of some of the funniest, cutest and sometimes inappropriate handmade greeting cards. You can purchase her cards, prints, stickers or totes through her website—or give her a follow on Instagram for a guaranteed laugh.


8. Ling Chen (lingchen.art)
Jersey City, NJ

You can’t help but feel some sort of emotion when looking at Ling Chen’s work. An interesting mix of watercolor and ink, it’s like we’re looking at an old picture of some of our favorite spots around town.


9. Erica Boynton (@eb2creative)
Hoboken, NJ

Mixed media is having a moment as of late, and of all the Hudson County artists to follow on Instagram, @eb2creative is one of the coolest accounts around town doing the medium justice. Her work channels powerful women, moody colors and her videos fall somewhere between soothing and hypnotizing.

Hudson County Artists to Follow on Instagram


10. Ricardo Roig (@roigcollection)
Hoboken, NJ

You can find Ricardo Roig’s art hanging on the walls of the W Hoboken. He’s got a unique technique of hand-cutting stencils and then pushing color through with a squeegee, almost like screen printing, but he’s most recently been getting into mural work around town as well.

Hudson County Artists to Follow on Instagram


Main image by Ling Chen

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Michael Scivoli April 16, 2020 - 12:06 pm

Allison Green is my favorite. Her studio at Mana is also super cool!


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