Sushi by Bou: A Sushi Speakeasy Opens in Jersey City

by Abby Montanez

Remember when we all lost it after a secret booze-infused ice cream shop opened in the back of Ani Ramen? It sure was tasty while it lasted, however the weather as of late hasn’t left me in the mood for any sort of frosty treat. But I ask you, is there ever a wrong time for sushi? The answer is obvious, thanks to David Bouhadana’s famous omakase experience, Sushi by Bou, now occupying the former venue. 

sushi by bou


Officially open for business as of today, December 19th, Sushi by Bou is Jersey City’s first-ever sushi speakeasy. The well-known chain has found success in locations across America including big-name cities like New York and Miami. Omakase traditionally entails either a 30 or 60-minute timed dining experience where guests are guided through a multi-course tasting menu chosen by the chef. (So you won’t know what you’re eating until you’re actually there.)

At Sushi by Bou in Jersey City, forget the restaurant construct you’re used to. There are no tables and chairs, only an eight-person sushi bar where guests are seated (every 60 minutes) and the kicker, there’s no servers. Due to the intimate nature of the omakase experience and the allotted speakeasy space, the chefs directly pass dishes to guests over the counter. There’s also a pop-up cocktail bar for drinking pairings—think along the lines of craft cocktails, imported sake, Japanese whiskys—and a quaint waiting area for incoming parties. 

sushi by bou


Not to fret, reservations for Sushi by Bou can be made on Yelp, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to be prompt (as the dining experience revolves almost entirely around timing). A dinner at Sushi by Bou will run you $50/per person, which is not bad considering the 12 courses of high-quality sushi you’ll be eating.

You can keep up with Sushi by Bou and their new Jersey City spot on their Instagram.

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