Stylish Planters For Your Home

by Abby Montanez

Whether you have a green thumb or not, incorporating plants into your décor is often an overlooked way to add a sense of style and freshness to your home. Aside from the obvious benefits of bringing natural elements indoors, the addition of houseplants doesn’t have to be an afterthought but rather a strategic display of both form and function. While color, fragrance and upkeep certainly play a role in the selection process, what you decide to inevitably plant your greenery in should be equally as important in terms of how it will look inside your home. Thanks to modern design, we can say goodbye to plastic containers and antique vases and welcome a more creative approach to indoor gardening. From incorporating wooden and copper elements to rethinking plant positioning, here are some ideas that will transform your living space.

planters1. Miniature green terrarium
Terrariums don’t just serve as habitats for reptiles but actually work well as a greenhouse for plants and succulents too. While you’re probably envisioning a large glass-enclosed box with shrubbery, there isn’t always room for something of that size, not to mention they aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. Making the choice to go smaller, however, provides the chance for some eco-friendly detailing and can serve as a statement piece on an end table, desk or countertop. For a modern element, terrariums with a geometric design are not only eye-catching but a great way to add shape, dimension and charm to space that seems to be falling flat. 

planters2. Edible herb garden
The addition of an indoor herb garden is not only practical, it can immediately brighten up your kitchen or dining area. No matter where you live, herbs can grow indoors year-round with the right amount of sunlight and care, making them the ideal gardening go-to for novices and experts alike. Compared to the standard houseplant, herbs have an obvious edge considering their edibility factor, pleasant fragrance, as well as their ability to double as a method of décor. Consider planting them on or near a windowsill for maximum sun exposure and decorative appeal. 

planters3. Hanging plants
If you’re looking for plants that will always be on display, investing in hanging planters is an easy way to add flair, height and texture to a specific space. A suspended garden will initiate a change in atmosphere, adding a natural look to any environment. From a design standpoint, keep in mind that groups of odd numbers tend to look better together and hanging your plants from different heights is an easy technique for creating contrast and depth.

4. Wooden planter box

Combining two natural elements such as greenery and wood can be the perfect option when looking to bring the outdoors in. A wooden planter box fits a rustic-inspired design scheme or can offer a rugged, earthy accent to any home. Feel free to experiment with different finishes, textures and washes or even paint the exterior to match your personal style. Planter boxes can be purchased at local supply stores but if you’re feeling crafty, they can also be easily created at home using upcycled materials for an eco-friendly alternative.

planters5. Copper cups
Ideal for cacti or any plant that requires little to no watering, copper cups are a luxe-looking substitute to your average planter. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or something with a bit more shine, metallic planters add the right amount of richness and elegance to elevate your space. Combining industrial-style materials alongside vibrant vegetation will give your home some added warmth, but remember to place them strategically, with options including a table centerpiece or potential bathroom adornment.

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