Last-Minute Plans for Labor Day Weekend

by Abby Montanez

With September on the horizon, we’ve come to the time of year that most of us dread—the end of summer. The past few months came as quickly as they went and left many of us wanting more. More sun, more sand, more time in general to put our worries behind us and soak up the glories of the short-lived season. But as Labor Day weekend approaches, remember that we still have a few good days to get in that last hurrah. Here are some last-minute Labor Day weekend plans to celebrate the final days of summer.

Take a Road Trip
Although driving anywhere this weekend is risky (traffic permitting) there are tons of great places to visit just a few hours away. For those looking to get in touch with their patriotic side, the D.C. area is brimming with holiday festivals and historical museums sure to keep you occupied day and night. Boston is another great spot with plenty to see and do including checking out the harbor, catching a sporting event or just stuffing your face at any of their great restaurants.

Book a Flight
If spending a couple stuffy hours in a car isn’t your thing, hop on a flight to a destination you’ve been dying to go to. While holiday air travel usually means higher costs, Labor Day weekend luckily falls at the end of peak summer travel time due to hurricane season and school starting up again. That said, whether you’re flying domestic or international, prices are expected to be at their lowest in comparison to previous months so book quickly!

Shop the Deals
The mall might not be the ideal way to ring in the holiday but just like Memorial Day, Labor Day is the time to shop. And we’re not just talking about clothes here—although you can expect discounts upwards of 50 percent—but big-buy items like high-end jewelry and mattresses. Retailers are going to be at their prime this weekend making room for fall inventory. Focus on back-to-school items or seasonal outdoor accessories like grills or patio furniture.

Go Camping
Before the chill starts to set in, most of us will want to spend as much time outside as possible. Camping is a great way to enjoy the wilderness while also getting to hang out with friends and family. Head to a nearby campsite or pitch a tent in the backyard with the kids. All you need is a sleeping bag, campfire and don’t forget the s’mores.

Hit the Beach
While I’m sure everyone and their mother will be at the beach this weekend, it’s worth a shot to get in that last bit of August sun. South Jersey temperatures are likely to stay in the ‘70s and clouds are expected to roll in Saturday and Sunday but Monday looks like a gorgeous, mostly clear day with a high of 81 degrees so all hope is not lost yet. 

Have a Cookout
Of course this goes without saying but Labor Day weekend is the ultimate day to barbeque. Start planning your menu now and hit the grocery store early before you stock up on burgers only to find out they’re out of buns. Seafood boils have also been this summer’s hottest foodie trend—a southern staple that is easy enough to replicate up north. Check out this go-to guide from Chef Carla Hall for all the tips and tricks on how to host your own. And you can’t forget about a signature drink so make sure to whip up a big-batch cocktail that will please the whole crowd.

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