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by Joselin Estevez
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As parents, it can be tough finding easy and affordable gifts for kids. Whether your child is a baby, toddler, tween or teen, here are three gift ideas that won’t break the bank and are beneficial to your children’s development. Ditch the iPad and discover low-cost and constructive ways to keep your kid occupied.

AirCandy Inflatable Glitter Chair – PoolCandy 

If you are looking for a really cool gift that will make a statement and will have everyone asking where you bought it, then this is it! The AirCandy Inflatable Glitter Chair will definitely make your home sparkle. This sleek chair can be used whether you’re working, playing, studying, or just relaxing and watching a movie. The AirCandy Glitter Chair is a lightweight, easy-to-inflate chair that adds style and comfort to any room! It’s 100% waterproof— making it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Another really cool way you can use it is outside by the pool, or even at the beach.

It makes for a stylish and unique way to relax. This is definitely a gift idea anybody would love. I love sitting on this chair to work and watch Netflix. My daughter also loves using it— she likes reading, relaxing and playing with her dolls on it. Goes to show you that this gift works for all ages. 

affordable gifts for kids - aircandy pink glitter chair

AirCandy Inflatable Pink Glitter Chair

  • Filled with holographic Pink Glitter
  • Measures approximately 46 x 40 x 28″
  • Durable PVC holds up to 250 pounds
  • Includes patent-pending Blow Dryer adapter – now you can inflate using your hair dryer!

To view more about Inflatable Chair Pink Glitter AirCandy – PoolCandy click here.

Ergonomic Utensils with Travel Case – Grabease by Elli&Nooli 

I highly recommend this for new parents or soon-to-be moms. It is a useful gift for a babies who are learning how to eat. These amazing Utensils are designed to safely nurture independence in little ones ready to meet their self-feeding developmental milestones. Their patented fork and spoon sets were the first utensils designed with babies’ independence in mind, and they come highly recommended by occupational therapists. The handle fits comfortably in a babies’ natural hand grasp— making the hand-to-mouth motion much easier! Using this set will also help to strengthen their fingers while encouraging proper pencil grasp development for later on in life. 

I have a five-month-old baby who is just starting to self-feed. Obviously, he is still not able to feed himself but it definitely helps him to develop a hand-to-mouth motion, which will make independent eating much simpler later on. I love these utensils because the shallow spoon allows the baby to easily clean the spoon with their lips, the ergonomic handle promotes pincer grasp and improves fine motor skills, and the choke protection barrier prevents them from sticking too far into their mouths and gagging. They have many different colors to choose from, and it comes with the travel case— making it easier to take on the go and keep clean. 

To view more about Ergonomic Utensils by Grabease click here.

affordable gifts for kids - Ergonomic Utensils with Travel Case

Ergonomic Utensils with Travel Case – Grabease


The Storypod is a screen-free audio learning system for pre-schoolers and kids that helps their minds to grow. This amazing device has delightful stories, music and skill- building for every stage of your child’s development. Created by educators in both English and Spanish, the Storypod can be a useful tool for development in bilingual children as well. If you are the type of parent who doesn’t like their child to watch TV or use an iPad, then this will be a great gift to keep your child entertained and educated! Us parents know how hard it can be to keep our children entertained while we enjoy some free time, or get work done around the house. This amazing item will become you and your child’s best friend. I have two children who both love the Storypod. My two-year-old loves going through books while the Storypod aids her in reading and my five-month-old stays occupied simply listening to it. I read to both kids so this is a big help whenever mommy is busy or wants to get some things done. The Storypod hosts parent approved and age appropriate audio that kids can enjoy independently. Kids get lost in the StoryPod from breakfast to bedtime. 

The Storypod

The Storypod

The Storypod has some really lovable audio characters— called crafties— each with unique content designed by educators for developing minds. Tap any craftie on the Storypod for interactive songs, stories and lessons. Read-along books and magical picture books help your early readers develop literacy skills with dynamic narrations and turn-the-page guidance.

Trivia Cards are interactive flashcards that turn traditional questions-and-answer decks into irresistibly fun and brain-boosting challenges for little learners when tapped on. 

To view more about StoryPod click here.

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