Remineralize: Which Essential Mineral Are You Missing?

by Abby Montanez

Although we’ve all been told how important it is to take our vitamins, 2016 is the year to focus on our mineral intake, or lack thereof.  Remineralization is the restoration of minerals in the body and when you’re mineral deficient, (and a vast majority of Americans are) it can result in a variety of health problems, including bone and muscle weakness, fatigue, and a lessened immune system.

If you’re specifically lacking
magnesium, you might find yourself going for that extra cup of coffee (whoops), feeling increasingly stressed, and weaker when it comes to muscle and bone strength. And since minerals aren’t naturally produced in the body, we have to rely on our food intake to supply us with the nutrients we need. What doesn’t help, are foods that are high in saturated fats and carbonated beverages such as soda, and for some, that means all the good stuff. Common and necessary minerals we get from food include calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and copper, but elements such as stress, illness, and old age are factors in why minerals such as magnesium are depleting.

remineralizeWhen you remineralize, you’re initiating the return of crucial minerals to the body. Wondering how you can remineralize this year? Aside from taking oral supplements, there are topical sprays and oils that can help restore balance to your body and are proven to be more efficient since they’re absorbed transdermally. You can pick up a bottle of magnesium oil at The Vitamin Shoppe in Edgewater, or you can indulge in a bath mixed with epsom salt (found locally at Downtown Pharmacy). You can even decorate your home with crystals that contain minerals with healing properties. Crystals such as Agate are healing stones that can help the colon, pancreas, circulatory system and lymphatic system, and are made from a mineral known as silica. And since it looks like vitamins are taking a back seat in 2016, prepare to have your world rocked by jumpstarting the remineralization process.

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