NJ and NY’s Best Coffee Table Books

by Victoria Keenan

NJ and NY’s Best Coffee Table Books


Books are given to us at a young age as an important tool to learn how to read, spell, and most importantly, imagine. Some of us get lost in plots and characters, while others are more interested in stories of facts and pictures. Whichever person you are, these coffee table books provide both characters and pictures, as well as being a stylish accessory for the home. Whether you want to flip through while relaxing on the couch, or put one on the table for conversation with guests, here are some of our favorite books about New Jersey and New York that are sure to get everyone talking.

NJ and NY's Best Coffee Table Books



Humans Of New York author Brandon Stanton started taking pictures of local New Yorker’s in 2010, and somewhere along the way, Humans Of New York became a popular blog, a powerhouse on social media, and eventually, a New York Time’s No.1 Best Seller. With one book of pictures and the second of stories, Humans of New York has touched our hearts, made us laugh, cry, taught us lessons, and introduced us to strangers from all over the world.



NJ and NY's Best Coffee Table Books


Jersey boy, food writer, and one of New Jersey Monthly’s “40 New Jerseyans We Love,” Peter Genovese knows the Garden State. Knowing NJ was the  diner capital of the country, he created the book entitled New Jersey Diners. For a year, Genovese traveled from diner to diner, taking pictures of historic and new-school diners, talking to owners and customers, learning their history, and finding out who really has the best breakfast in the state.


NJ and NY's Best Coffee Table Books


Every state has its legends and horror stories, but Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran knew New Jersey had the most bizarre tales of all. The two started Weird NJ, a travel guide to the most haunted, creepy, and strange sites around the state. Showcasing pictures, the history of the area, and how it came to be, the two eventually launched the Weird NJ book, compiling all the stories in one. They now have a Weird US series of stories and a Weird NJ magazine.


NJ and NY's Best Coffee Table Books



Not many people are more ‘Hoboken’ than Frank Sinatra, whose music and acting needs no introduction. Known for his outspoken personality and sense of style, Sinatra has gone down as one of the greatest artists in history. Sinatra: The Photographs by Andrew Howick showcases one of the largest collection of Frank Sinatra photographs looking into the singers life. Barbara Sinatra, who was married to Sinatra until his time of time death, wrote the foreward of the book.



NJ and NY's Best Coffee Table Books


Both New York and New Jersey are homes to some beautiful street art and graffiti. Though not encouraged, some artists, or muralists as they are often called, create masterpieces, decorating huge buildings, blocks, and city streets. Graffiti Murals: Exploring the Impacts of Street Art by Patrick Verel presents six case studies through the boroughs of New York City, Jersey City, and Trenton, showcasing the work of these artists and challenging the ideas against graffiti.

NJ and NY's Best Coffee Table Books



Hoboken resident and local writer Alan Skontra uses his city for his story, Legendary Locals of Hoboken. This square mile city is full of history and locals with a story, and Skontra packs in information and background to everything from street names to how Hoboken aided in wars, documented the first baseball game, and was home to American legends. As the pages turn, you learn about the current locals, business owners, and charities and how they’re carrying on the Hoboken name.

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