The Viceroy Hotel and Spa- It’s Like Leaving the Country Without a Passport!


When you demand a tropical vacation that’s relaxing, has incredible food, amazing entertainment, and exceptional service, you think to check the expiration date on your passport and contemplate which of the islands you are going to visit. What if I told you that I found a place that’s less then a 3 hour flight away, located in South Florida, that will change your world. I’m talking about the Viceroy Hotel and SpaIt’s like leaving the country without a passport!

I recently visited the Viceroy Hotel and Spa and had a chance to spend a few days enjoying all of the amenities it has to offer. Let me start by saying this, once I entered the property I felt my stress disappear. I started my afternoon poolside, as most would, after traveling all day. When I walked into the pool area, I was immediately offered help finding the perfect spot to kick back. Within the next minute, another greeting, only this time with cocktail options. Within 5 minutes time, I was soaking up the sun with a drink in my hand.

Day Exterior 2

After about a 3 hour nap it was time to check out the spa! I didn’t go for any of the treatments because when I saw the amenities, I was overwhelmed by just how amazing this place was. It was like walking into something so magnificently surreal. There were  huge bookshelves that seemed over 40 feet tall, an entire wall of windows that overlooked the bay, and a plethora of jacuzzi tubs, and lounge areas.  I have been to plenty of spas and have never seen anything quite like this before. Needless to say, I spent over 4 hours doing absolutely nothing and loved every timeless second of it.

Spa Water Lounge 3


Oh, the food

What good is a vacation without good food, right? The Viceroy Hotel has a signature restaurant that I could not stay away from. 15th and Vine, located on the 15th floor, with a view you could only imagine. The weather was cool so we were able to enjoy sitting outside, overlooking the bay.Enough about the ambiance!

Let me not talk about the food, instead let me show you.

Flat Bread



Salad 2


Tapas 1

Need I say more? And if you still have energy after you’ve spent your morning in the sun, afternoon relaxing at the spa, and one of the most insane dinner experiences you have ever had, well then there’s 50 Lounge. Located on, you guessed it, the 5oth floor of the Viceroy Hotel and Spa, with views I cannot put into words, is a nightclub that redefines nightlife entertainment. I’ll let you check it out as I can’t say much more. After all, what happens at 50 Lounge stays at 50 Lounge!

Fifty Ultra Lounge 2


For more information or to book your vacation, visit the Viceroy Hotel. 

485 Brickell Avenue

Miami, Florida 33131 USA

Phone: +1 305 503 4400

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