How to Use Hashtags Effectively On Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide [With Examples]

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Are you making Instagram videos? You want as many people to watch them as possible. Using hashtags is one of the best methods to increase the number of people who see your Instagram content.


In addition to adding hashtags to your Instagram posts, you can also follow hashtags to find content that relates to your interests. They are an excellent resource for locating new stuff and putting your content in front of readers who will enjoy it.


You can group your own stuff together with hashtags as well. A customized hashtag might be great for connecting all of your relevant posts if you’re starting a special campaign or initiative.


Here are a few tips for using hashtags effectively on Instagram.

1. Consider Your Audience

Keep in mind who you’re targeting with your hashtags. If you just want likes, using hashtags that will help you reach a large audience is okay. However, consistency is crucial if you want to grow your following.


You won’t build a loyal following if you post content with the hashtags #cat one day, #food the next, then #interiordesign. Try to center your hashtag strategy around what your target audience is into. That way, people will follow you because many of your posts are relevant to their interests.


If, for example, you are an interior designer targeting your potential customers, you could benefit from the following hashtags:| #decor, #home, and #interiordesign.


There are so many resources online that can guide you on how to use hashtags to increase brand awareness on your Instagram. For example this guide from Untappd guides you on building the best brewery Instagram page to get people talking about your business.

2. Keep an Eye On Trendy Hashtags

Take advantage of popular or trendy hashtags to reach a wider audience. Social trends, current events, and relevant holidays to your field or company can all present wonderful opportunities to connect with new people. Trendy hashtags include: #picoftheday, #like4like, #selfie, and #f4f.

3. Include Hashtags In Your Bio

Hashtags are also great for use on your Instagram bio. Although this won’t make your material visible to those following the hashtag, it is a great approach to letting new users who visit your profile know what you are interested in.


Including hashtags in your Instagram bio also gives you the option to connect with curated material collections. To ensure that all the content is yours, choose a hashtag that isn’t already in use.


Keep in mind that your Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters when choosing which (and how many) hashtags to use.


4. Combine Longtail and Popular Hashtags

Well-liked hashtags will help you get a brief spike in likes soon after uploading. However, a flood of other content shared with the same hashtag will quickly drown out your posts.


Use a combination of longtail, niche, and popular hashtags for the best results. Although the longtail or niche hashtags may have fewer followers, they bring in the most devoted audiences. Since less content is produced there, you will remain visible for longer.


Do you want to know how well-known a hashtag is? The hashtag’s autofill results will show up as you begin to type it. Each potential hashtag will have a number next to it, representing the number of posts made with that hashtag.


Longtail hashtags meet the following requirements:

  • Low traffic
  • High purchase intention during the user journey
  • Specific or niche terms


These hashtags include #exoticbirdsofafrica and #pinkrunningshoes.

In conclusion, Instagram hashtags are great for any modern business. They improve your visibility and help you connect with your audience. It’s essential to use your imagination to create a hashtag that is memorable and effective.


Choose a term that may be easily connected with your brand and is unlikely to be used about something else. Avoid using common hashtags. If you do, your content may get lost in a pool of other content. Campaign hashtags can help you gain traction, market a fresh item or promote an upcoming occasion. You could even use it to motivate your audience.

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