Top 5 Interior Decor Tips for How to Decorate A Large Living Space 

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Open floorplans have become popular for a number of reasons. It gives the homeowner more flexibility regarding what they want to do with the space. It is cheaper for the builder, too. And it makes the interior of the home feel luxuriously large. On the other hand, there are some homes that are simply massive. Either way, here are the top 5 interior décor tips for how to decorate a large living space.

Get Modular Seating 

Modular seating is seating like chairs and sofas that can be rearranged. Then your two separate sofas and/or chairs can be combined to create one long couch. If you purchase a modular sofa for your living space along with compatible divans and foot cushions, you could create conversational groupings or one long couch for everyone to sit together. This keeps the space open, since you don’t have piles of folding chairs or a large chair sitting in the corner until used.

Break Up the Space with Color

A large living area can feel smaller than it is when everything blurs together. You can break up the space by having areas defined by color palettes. For example, the chairs and tables in one area may be mostly brown and cream while another area is mostly white and gray. Or you could have wrought iron and wood dominate one side and upholstery and pillows in another. Another option is using rugs to define the space. Then the conversational grouping of furniture sitting on one rug is a separate space from the couch and chairs in front of the big screen.

Take Scale into Consideration 

When you’re decorating a large room, you need to take scale into consideration. Don’t spread the chairs out to try to fill in the space when it leaves people too far away to talk to each other. If you feel bad about that empty corner, create a reading nook instead. Just because the room is open doesn’t mean it needs tall furnishings. If the ceiling is low, have low-to-the-ground furnishings. If it has tall ceilings, have a mix of taller decorative items like potted trees and upright mirrors so the furnishings aren’t lost in space. You’ll need tall bookshelves around the perimeter to make up for the lack of walls to hang things on. On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of pushing all the furniture against the walls. And your decorations shouldn’t all line the outside walls, too. Put family photos and decorative pieces on some of the end tables and displays throughout the room.

Maintain Clear Walkways and Views 

Don’t let a large space get cluttered by junk or trying to fit too many things in the space. Regardless of what you do, maintain clear walkways and clear views. For example, if you have a large picture window, don’t allow tall chairs or other furniture to block the view from any part of the room. Even when you have a small sitting area, dining room and gaming area in the same room, have clear walkways through the living space.

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