Top 10 Health Benefits Of CBG

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Cannabinoids are known to have multiple benefits to your health. One of the most unique and minor cannabinoids is cannabigerol (CBG). It yields plenty of health benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Here are some of them.

1. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Aside from CBG, THC vape have proved to be a highly effective cannabinoid in reducing inflammation. Individuals that suffer from conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are set to benefit significantly from CBG. Modern medicine has embraced CBG as a considerable part of treatment in inflammation cases. Medics also use it in treating chronic cases such as infections and colitis. CBG works solely by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It comes into contact with all the receptors and neurons that are likely to be affected by inflammation.

Chronic inflammation mostly comes about due to chronic illnesses, including diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. However, desist from self-medicating, primarily when you haven’t used or heard of it before. Get clarification and a thorough prescription from a certified medic. 

2. Can Stimulate Appetite

A significant decrease in appetite is a sign that all is not well in your body. It could be a result of multiple cases, including depression. CBG has appetite-stimulating properties that can restore your appetite healthily. The good news is that CBG has no adverse effects on the users when administering the correct dosage. Individuals suffering from anorexia should embrace CBG to alleviate the impact, such as reducing appetite. 

Individuals who have noticed a significant drop in their weight might as well try CBG. Being underweight could lead to other gradual issues that the body may not handle in the long run. Taking CBG doubles up the appetite and eventually recovers all the weight lost.

3. May Repair Bladder Dysfunctions

CBG can be quite helpful when used regularly to restore the normal functions of the human bladder. Bladder dysfunction refers to the host of problems that cripple the urinary bladder’s natural patterns and functions.

Bladder dysfunctions are most common among young children, but adults are not spared either. The neurogenic bladder has been a serious issue among many adults for the longest time. 

4. Can Slow Down The Growth Of Cancerous Cells

CBG possesses cancer-inhibiting properties that can slow down the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells in the human body. Here’s how it works: the body can potentially experience uncontrollable inflammation, which leads to mutations that ultimately bring about cancer.

Therefore, CBG acts as a tactical and powerful commander. It does this by forcing your immune cells to become defensive before sending your cytokine army into battle.

Further studies have shown that CBG also decreases the development of colorectal cells linked to certain cancers. CBG also exhibits anti-tumor properties that come in handy when there is a possibility of growth. 

5. May Improve Your Brain Health

A sound and fully active mind is the key to accomplishing tasks you set for your day. CBG is at the forefront in improving your brain health and keeping it active for long periods. 

In conjunction with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBG may prevent any likely brain inflammation episodes. Neurodegeneration is a severe condition that involves the destruction of the neuron’s natural structures.

Also, neurodegeneration involves the death of neurons. The resulting feature is chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Prion diseases. CBG’s ability to reduce and treat inflammation keeps all the diseases mentioned above at bay. Easing inflammation is an effective way to protect the brain from any hazardous occurrences.

6. Relief From Chronic Pain

As a minor compound of Cannabis, CBG is not exempted from all the other compounds’ pain-relieving properties. Cannabis strains that contain a large percentage of CBG are useful in treating Crohn’s disease and different types of cancers during chemotherapy treatment.

 Most of the conditions mentioned throughout the article involve a great deal of pain at some point. Victims have to endure pain at certain levels, either before or during treatment. Including CBG as part of the treatment regime saves victims from chronic pain.

7. May Improve Optical Health

CBG can improve eye health by reducing undue pressure applied around the eye area. It does so by activating the ECS receptors located around your eyes. When these receptors become dominant, the eyesight becomes impaired, among other related conditions. CBG may also improve optical health by speeding up draining excess water around the eyes that cause problematic situations for your optical health. This step reduces intraocular pressure and causes the eyes to function correctly.

8. Can Ease Depression And Anxiety

CBG may aid in regulating emotional patterns by inhibiting neurotransmitters such as serotonin. An increase in Gamma AminoButyric Acid (GABA) production means crippling all the nervous system’s crucial activity. CBG inhibits such neurotransmitters and enforces its antidepressant qualities. 

9. May Fight Skin Conditions

CBG compounds can fight off skin conditions such as psoriasis, characterized by red, dry, and thick patches on the skin. It forms on just about any part of the body, including the scalp, elbows, knees, and even feet. The worst part is that it tampers with the immune system. CBG can save the situation through anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, its pain-relieving properties are also useful since psoriasis can also be characterized by chronic pain in the affected area.

10. Antibacterial Properties

These properties are useful in fighting off harmful bacteria in the human body. CBG is one of the compounds used in modern medicine to enforce its antibacterial properties. However, CBG is not safe for first-timers to use. Consult a certified physician first rather than a self-prescribe to avoid harmful effects on your body.

Final Thoughts

CBG is relatively new in the cannabis market but has gained significant momentum. It’s heavily endowed with all the health benefits listed above, but more studies regarding CBG are underway and are yet to get established. So, if you are planning to incorporate the compound into your diet and lifestyle, consult an expert or your family doctor. 



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