SoJo Spa Club Is Reopening on August 4, Here’s What You Need to Know

by Ariana Lena
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With a majority of people working from home and spending more time with loved ones, I think we can all agree that 2020 has been super stressful. This year has definitely ignited discussions around health and wellness, including the importance of self-care. With that being said, it’s perfect timing that SoJo Spa Club is reopening on August 4, 2020. 

Located in Edgewater, NJ, SoJo Spa Club announced it’s reopening last week via Instagram and is known for its rooftop infinity pool that provides a panoramic view of the New York City skyline. Other amenities include multiple bathhouses and saunas, a fitness and yoga studio, plus unique spa treatments like their Volcanic Sand Bath treatment. 

In addition to their spa services, SoJo Spa is also a hotel to accommodate long-distance patrons. And yes, there is even a shuttle provided for guests to visit New York City. Of course, there will be regulations put into place due to COVID-19. Not all services will be available like the Volcanic Sand Bath treatment but it’s a perfect opportunity to escape from reality and destress from this crazy year. 

SoJo Spa Club Reopening

Photo courtesy of @sojospaclub

As SoJo Spa Club reopens, guests will be required to wear face coverings throughout their visit. They must also bring their own clean sandals or flip-flops, bathing suit, towels and valid photo ID. It is highly recommended that you make reservations through their online system. This allows management to monitor how many people are coming in per day. The spa has also decided to offer a limited food hall and outdoor grill menu for guests to enjoy in their outside dining area in lieu of safety regulations. 

Right now their hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. including all holidays. In light of SoJo Spa Club reopening, I recently spoke with Ashley Jayco, director of marketing & business development of SoJo Spa Club, about what you can expect when you visit now or in the future when the whole facility is open! 

What services will SoJo Spa Club offer when you officially reopen? What regulations are there to ensure social distancing?

At this moment, we are planning on opening with all of our pools and baths available for our guests to enjoy with new social distancing and reduced capacity precautions in place. Our guests will also be able to book acupressure therapy services like a shiatsu massage or foot massage. 

sojo spa club hours

Photo courtesy of SoJo Spa Club

Things seem to be changing quickly in terms of regulations on what can be open and what cannot. But we are monitoring these updates daily. In addition, we are making sure that the procedures and systems we have in place allow us to safely reopen all of the allowable amenities and services. We are being as transparent as possible with our guests.  It’s important to update the public in a timely manner through our website, email communications, and our social media platforms. 

We are keeping our capacity at 25 percent or lower, increasing our cleaning protocols in frequency and intensity and transforming our space so that our guests and our staff can adhere to social distancing guidelines. Masks and temperature checks along with a health questionnaire is mandatory for entry for both guests and staff. 

What does SoJo Spa Club strive to achieve for guests? How has that changed post-COVID? 

SoJo Spa Club is a destination that brings spa cultures and traditions from all around the world under one roof. For our guests, it has always been a place to rejuvenate, practice self-care or spend quality time with loved ones. Now more than ever, these endeavors are incredibly important for a person’s well-being. In the unique context of this global pandemic, we want to provide this type of oasis in a way that protects the safety and well-being of all those that walk through our doors.

SoJo Spa Club Reopening

Photo courtesy of @sojospaclub

What are the most popular treatments/services that people enjoy? 

The Volcanic Sand Bath, which is one-of-a-kind to the States, has been popular since our opening day. Our Korean Body Scrubs are arguably a must-try for those seeking a more authentic Korean bathhouse experience. Our couples massage is also popular because SoJo Spa Club attracts couples of all kinds to spend quality time together. Whether they’re husband and wife, mom and daughter, or two best friends having a day together. We cannot wait to be able to re-offer these services and more in the future. Our full breadth of services originate from spa cultures from all over the world and truly has something for everyone.

Tell me about the Volcanic Sand Bath treatment and its benefits for guests?

The Volcanic Sand Bath at SoJo Spa Club is an authentic recreation of an experience that originates from the volcanic beach shores of southern Japan. We partnered with Hakusuikan Resort & Spa in Ibusuki, Japan to not only transport the volcanic sand itself over from their beaches, but also their methods of experiencing the sand baths. First, guests lay down in the sand–which is heated and wet to mimic the temperature and conditions of the beaches in Ibusuki. Our sand bath attendants then carefully cover the guests’ entire body from the neck down in the sand. Guests stay in the sand for up to 15 minutes, or their level of personal comfort.

Volcanic sand is especially rich in alkalizing minerals. The mineral properties synergize with the heat. This draws impurities away from the body, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain and stiffness. Many people even describe the weight of the sand on their bodies akin to using a weighted blanket. The combination of the heat and weight of the sand truly makes for a unique experience. And though there are many associated health benefits, we always recommend our guests checking with their medical practitioner before trying it if they have any concerns. 

Does SoJo Spa Club have plans for new treatments or anything in the works for the future?

While we don’t have anything specific in the works. In the three years SoJo has been open, we have initiated a number of new amenities. This includes services in our commitment to bringing a variety of different spa cultures and traditions under one roof. We want to show that you don’t have to travel around the globe to experience something extraordinary. I have no doubt we will continue to provide a unique experience to all in the years to come.

For any questions, you may have about safety and the precautions that SoJo Spa Club is taking in light of COVID-19, additional information can be found here.

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