Why NYC and North Jersey are 2 of The Greatest Places for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


For home to more than 2 million entrepreneurs, it’s no secret that we live in one of the greatest cities in the country, for Entrepreneurs that is.

So you have an idea for a business and you believe you are the master of your trade. New York City is one of the most competitive regions in the states, so how will you ever succeed? The answer lies on the paved streets we walk each day. You see, once you have that next “big idea”, you have something very valuable to bring into the world each day. There’s a good chance, that on your morning walk to get a cup of coffee, you’ll run into your future parter, employee, or maybe just someone willing to help along the way. It all starts with a casual conversation and quickly becomes a piece of the future.

There is no school in the entire world that can teach you what can cultivate through nothing more then passion and belief. When we bring this into the world every day, like a shirt we put on each morning, we wear our ideas for everyone to see. In a City such as NY, this does not go unnoticed. It’s only when we start to collaborate these ideas with others, bigger ideas are formed. The good idea you have, is now great. That great idea you had, is now a success.

No Math, Science, or History lesson will ever teach you what can be learned from simply walking out your front door, into our great big city.


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