The Perfect Date Outfit With Wardrobe Stylist Dorian Cattani

by Victoria Keenan
The Perfect Date Outfit

The Perfect Date Outfit  

With Wardrobe Stylist Dorian Cattani


You were finally asked out by that cute guy you always run into on your morning Starbucks trip. You’ve been crushing on this girl for awhile and while the first date went great, you want the second date to go even better. The last thing you want to do is worry about what you’re planning to wear. Don’t stress, Hoboken’s Wardrobe Stylist Dorian Cattani has the do’s and don’ts for finding the perfect date outfit.

“When it comes to a first date outfit it shouldn’t be the most important decision of the day or week. Trust me, comfort and awareness are key on a date!” says Cattani. “It can really boost your confidence wearing something from your closet that you are positive looks good on or have received multiple compliments either because of the style or color. If you aren’t distracted by your clothes or accessories, you’ll be able to relax and listen to what your date has to say. And your date is far more likely to notice your smile or conversation skills rather than the shoes you’re wearing.”

Knowing what looks best on you is key, so the first (or second) date probably isn’t the time to try out the crazy patterned shirt you’ve been eyeing. Unless, of course, that’s your thing and you’re a known risk taker! “Some dating outfit rules to keep in mind; avoid the color black, heavy prints or fabrics especially synthetics, [and for the ladies] heavy makeup and jewelry. These are bold statements and will take away from your natural beauty and synthetic fabrics could make you sweat more.”

The Perfect Date Outfit

Women: Think simple, smart and elegant. “For the first few dates, you want him to focus on who you are, not be distracted by what you wear and what he thinks this might say about you. Also, try not to bring the purse that resembles a suitcase.”

The Perfect Date Outfit

Men: Think clean, tailored and well-fitting garments. Cattani says “shoot for sharp and effective. Show your personality through a pop of color, with a colorful pocket square or pair of socks. And easy on the cologne.”

Cattani advises that though she believes everyone should have separate date clothes, sometimes people are going on a date straight from work so they have no choice. “Ladies, add a fun statement necklace, colorful heels or floral / animal print flats,” says Cattani. “Men, avoid clothes that resemble golf attire. If you are coming from work, lose the tie or untuck your (Banana Republic wrinkle free) shirt and relax!”

Of course, if you have an evening date, you have all the time in the world to prepare. “Avoid anything sheer or revealing and high heels that you haven’t perfected walking in. Too much of anything is never a good thing,” Cattani says. “Men, if you must wear your beige khakis try to wear them with a simple patterned collared shirt. But don’t forget about blue chinos with a white belt. A casual jacket with a t-shirt or suede shoes are always a nice touch too.”


Women: Think classic, elegant and demure but sexy.

Men: Same as before think clean, tailored and well-fitting garments. (And manscaping!!)

Now that you’re not stressed about what to wear, you can focus on getting to know your date, having some laughs and good conversation, and hopefully planning a second or third date for the future. Cattani also offers Hoboken residences a $50 dating service (30 minutes) to help choose your date outfit. Happy dating!

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