Is Dairy Queen Getting Rid of a Fan Favorite?

by Peter Candia
Dairy Queen Cherry Dip

Dairy Queen is an American staple. The ice cream chain first opened in Illinois in 1940 and has since grown to over 4,300 stores in the US. Many DQs also serve savory food—which is mostly forgettable, to be honest.

While many guests opt for inventive blizzards or soft-serve sundaes, one item has garnered a cult-like following since DQ debuted it. The Cherry Dip Cone is plainly one of the world’s finest ice cream treats and it has the fanbase to prove it. The dipped cone is quite simple—vanilla or chocolate soft serve is piled into a cone and then dipped in a fluorescent red, cherry-flavored liquid that hardens on the ice cream, creating a thin shell that’s bursting with fruity flavor. Dairy Queen also offers a chocolate-dipped cone as well as limited edition flavors such as the current “churro dip.” 

Dairy Queen Cherry Dip

Cherry Dip Cone | Photo by Peter Candia

A DQ employee from a Michigan store went to Tik Tok to deliver the bad news. In the video, she explains that the Dairy Queen warehouse that supplies stores with the product has already stopped offering cherry dip, so whatever a DQ has in stock is the last of it. “It’s already sold out in our warehouse, so once we deplete the inventory in the store, we will be sold out until further notice,” she said. Whether it will be brought back is yet to be known. 

@dqshelbytwpmi I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… 🍒🍦#dq #dairyqueen #cherryconedip #icecream ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

This bad news comes at a time when DQ is announcing new items for the summer, including a revamped and improved Blizzard menu. The Dairy Queen Cherry Dip Cone has already been removed from the online menu,  further validating the Tik Toker’s claims. Many speculate this is to make room for a new dip flavor, but no one can be certain. In the comments, the creator revealed that the butterscotch dip is indeed coming back, with many assuming it might become a permanent staple. 

But, for lovers of the Cherry Dip like myself, no DQ item will ever compare. Not even close. 

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