A Popular NYC Pizzeria Is Moving to NJ… For Good

by Peter Candia
Corner Slice

A popular NYC pizza shop is packing it up and moving to Maplewood, New Jersey. 

Corner Slice opened in 2017 at the helm of chef, pizzaiolo and Jersey native Mike Bergemann. The pizzeria lived inside Gotham West Market and since taking the slice shop scene by storm six years ago, Corner Slice has been a go-to spot in a pizza-desolate Midtown neighborhood. 

Bergemann’s pies are square. And only square. “I have so much respect for the OG spots. I’m not gonna try to rip them off,” he says of his decision to not make round pizza. “I wanna do my own thing. I can’t compete with 100 years of those vibes… I’m in a Midtown food hall!”


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Instead, he specializes in a dough structure that lends a unique chew and airiness, discerning his pizza from many of the other slice shops in NYC and NJ. You’ll find fun toppings and creative visions, but above all, some really great, classic pies. 

Once upon a time, Bergemann was the chef at the famous Ivan Ramen and its predecessor, Slurp Shop—which also lived inside Gotham West Market. Growing up in NJ to a Sicilian mother, Bergemann always knew pizza well. When planning Corner Slice’s early days, he envisioned a pizzeria that took a classic template and improved upon it with technique rather than a gimmick. 

“It’s like a thinner Sicilian, but a thicker Grandma [pizza],” Bergemann tells me of his dough, which took years to develop into what it is today. “I’m cooking it at high heat and topping it with classic and new-wave toppings. We call it a ‘New York Square Pie’’” 


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To achieve the texture that Bergemann is shooting for, the dough goes through an intricate, three-day fermentation process. It starts with three different flours: Whole spelt, durum and wheat—all from Central Milling in Utah. From there, a dough is made and left to bulk-ferment for one day at a controlled temperature in the fridge. It is then portioned and placed into pans for an additional ferment in a proofing box. Finally, it is stretched to cover the rectangular pans and allowed to rise one final time. 

Bergemann described his final product as airy with a “crispy, fried bottom,” thanks to the olive oil-coated sheet trays the pies are cooked in. There are eight slices to his rectangular pizza, and not one is without crust—four corner slices and four edges. 

Even before deciding on moving to this side of the Hudson, Corner Slice has always used Jersey Fresh canned tomatoes, along with California extra virgin olive oil and cheeses from Pecoraro Dairy Products in Brooklyn. 


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Corner Slice will officially become a Jersey resident soon, opening in the space once occupied by The Bread Stand—a bakery in collaboration with Artie’s, formerly known as Arturo’s. When Artie’s and The Bread Stand took over a new space earlier this year, Artie’s owner Fred Shandler knew he wanted the former bakery space to go to someone who would contribute to the Maplewood food scene, and specifically—in this case—grow the pizza scene even further than Shandler already has. Artie’s was named a top 40 pizza in NJ this year. 

Bergemann and Shandler got to talking and the space at 419 Boyden Ave in Maplewood was deemed the perfect place for Corner Slice’s pending move. 


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The shop will bring a unique style of pizza to Maplewood and one that the town has really yet to see. “Maplewood residents are about to be spoiled with several options for great pizza,” Bergemann said. 

Corner Slice is set to open sometime in early 2024. Until then, we will just have to wait to try this sought-after pizza.

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