All of Hurricane Harbor’s Rides Ranked

by Lauren Kim
hurricane harbor ride rankings

School’s out, temperatures are rising and summer is finally here. Since its grand opening in 2000, New Jersey’s most iconic water park is, without question, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Beginning June 20, 2022 they will be fully open for the summer. 

Luckily for you, I have taken it upon myself to experience every single ride Hurricane Harbor  has to offer. Here is a breakdown of the attractions including what to expect, what’s worth the wait and what’s not. 

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Overall Best Ride: 

Tornado : 2-4 Riders

This gigantic yellow and blue checkerboard slide is shaped like a funnel. After being dropped 75 feet down you speed through a 132 foot long tunnel. Once you are shot into the funnel, the raft swishes up the walls, allowing you to experience the true speed of Tornado. This ride is one that should not be missed! Make it the first thing you check out once you arrive and ride it before the line gets too long.

For the Most Riding Options: 

Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom! : 1-2 riders 
Hurricane Mountain : 1-3 riders 

Both of these slides are actually multiple slides in one. Every color has a different personality, catering to different riders. Bada Bing, in purple, is built for speed. An orange twist from beginning to end, Bada Boom is ideal for the rider who loves a spin. Bada Bang is the teal slide designed to be the best of both worlds.

Hurricane Mountain, on the other hand (pictured above), has a single tube, double tube and toboggan option. These slides are divided into categories, getting more and more intense as the number increases. Mickey (orange) is category 1 with some twists and a steep drop at the end. Nellie (purple)  is a category 2 featuring a completely covered slide. This makes for a suspenseful and unpredictable ride until the very bottom. Our category 3 slides are Lola (blue), a bumpy ride and Bertha (red), another covered slide with a tight spiral. Agnes (green) and Marge (yellow) are category 5, requiring a toboggan as they are extra high and extra fast!

These rides provide great versatility for families with both older and younger children. Everyone can find a slide fit for them, and due to the many slide options the line goes by relatively fast.

For the Whole Family: 

Big Bambu and Reef Runner  : 2 riders minimum

Pile the whole family onto one of these jumbo-sized rafts for a shared ride experience! The harder challenge lies in choosing which one—Reef Runner is an open top slide that makes you feel like you can touch the treetops as you slide through the sky. Big Bambu is a closed slide, meaning you ride through the unknown in terrifying darkness. Pick one, or ride both! Both of these slides end in a six story tall drop that is sure to evoke some screams and end with a splash.

The De-Stress Option:

Taak It Eez Ee Creek : unlimited riders 

Just about every water park has their take on the “lazy river”. Kick back and allow the current to do all the work as you drift through 2,150 feet of foliage and landscaping. It’s also an innovative and fun way to travel through the park and get to your next ride while staying cool.

For the Daredevil:

Cannonball, Wahini and Jurahnimo Falls : 1 rider

These single rider slides are truly terrifying. Known for going from 0 to 40 mph in mere seconds, the speed of these slides are unmatched. Cannonball and Wahini both feature twisted coils while Jurahnimo is a 76 foot long death drop. While these slides go by very quickly and aren’t as entertaining as the others, you obtain bragging rights by saying you rode it, which may or may not make it worth the wait.

The Swimmer Will Love:

Blue Lagoon : unlimited riders
Calypso Springs : unlimited riders 

Blue Lagoon brings the beach to you with ocean-sized waves in a pool that is six feet deep. Go into deeper waters or stay in the shallow end and enjoy the ripples. Pool and lounge chairs are also available for those who want to take a break from all the activity. For a “no wave” option, try Calypso Springs and enjoy the view of the obelisk-style fountain and erupting geysers. No wait times, no rider limit, just pure bliss.

For the Competitive Riders:

Big Wave Racer : 1 rider 
Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus and Nortus : 1-2 riders

Hurricane Harbor offers some attractions specifically for racing your friends and family. Big Wave Racer was aerodynamically designed to be four stories tall and 1,800 feet long. With six slides all twisted into a braided formation, race against your loved ones and some new faces!

Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus and Nortus is a quadruple slide formation cleverly named after the Greek gods of wind. The beginning of all four slides have slightly different upper sections but all lead to the same wet splashdown. I found these slides much more enjoyable and worth it than the Big Wave Racer! As far as racing goes–the Greek gods for the win!

For Our Little Ones:

Discovery Bay : unlimited riders 

Discovery Bay was created for little ones 42 inches and under. The world is theirs in this village-themed aquatic playground. There are structures to climb up, slides to slide down, and a giant bucket that tips without notice. There is also a wave pool designed for younger swimmers making it ideal for those not quite tall enough for the slides or strong enough swimmers for the bigger pools. 

Some rides are easy fun, some are scary, but all of them will bring you lasting memories this summer. Decide for yourself the “must rides” on your list or if you’re like me, just see for yourself by riding them all. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has multiple ticket bundles, including combined passes for both the water park and the amusement park. See all ticket options including all access season passes here. 


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