The Benefits of Infant Care at Prime Time Learning Center

by Victoria Keenan

The Benefits of Infant Care at Prime Time Learning Center


Since 1983, Prime Time Learning Center has been a family run, home away from home child care center for infants, toddlers, and children throughout New York and New Jersey. Focusing on children’s emotional, physical, and social needs in the most positive way possible, Prime Time caters to the specific needs of every child, acting as an extension of parents home care. While the learning center itself is open to various age ranges, its staff  is focusing heavily on their new infant campaign. We spoke to Prime Time Hoboken’s Center Director, Marcelle Abrams, and Prime Time’s Strategic Marketing Consultant, Thomas Condon, to examine the benefits of child care centers like Prime Time, as well as their specific infant care programs.

“Prime Time has been a state licensed center for over 30 years, and is a family-owned business with personal and loving care, where the parent can be as comfortable as they want to be,” Abrams explained.

“There is an open door policy, so parents don’t need to let us know when they’re coming in, they can come play with their kids whenever they’d like. Though there is a general infant curriculum, we cater to the individual child, and goals will be set based on what the child needs. This is clearly communicated with the parents, so parents and teachers work together, ensuring the child gets what they need.”

The Benefits of Infant Care at Prime Time Learning CenterCondon himself further explained that with the Infant Care program at Prime Time, the curriculum is customized to better help the children develop and learn. “The infant is given a primary caregiver; there is one person responsible for all of the communications, all of the feedings, and making sure everything is done correctly. It’s not just random either, they have a very structured protocol, there’s a certain way to do things. We talk about what parents do at home, how they do things, how we do things, then put together how we’re going to take care of your child. We’re going to be an extension of [parental care] while you’re at work, and that’s an important thing for parents to understand, especially if they are anxious about leaving their child with someone else.”

Both Abrams and Condon explained that many parents, especially those with very young children, can at first be reserved when dropping off their child at a daycare, or leaving them in someone else’s care. But there are many benefits to child care centers, especially infant care and programs like Prime Time has.

The Benefits of Infant Care at Prime Time Learning CenterA child care center offers a stable environment for children, where they have a large variety of resources such as toys, reading material, meals, and activities. They also have flexible schedules, Prime Time especially makes sure that schedules work for the parents, giving them the option to choose specific days and times. In addition, Prime Time stresses the importance hires staff with backgrounds in early childhood development and education. These are teachers who care about the child’s needs and know what goals should be placed for their progress. Prime Time especially focuses on the socialization of children and infants, which will help them for the future.

Prime Time also has a great parent-referral bonus for families, where parents can refer a friend and get two free weeks of credit yearly. After six months of being enrolled with the learning center, parents get one week, and after another six months, they get the second. “It’s two weeks they don’t have to pay for, a lot of centers don’t do that,” Condon explained.

Currently, Prime Time is offering 1/3 off the first month’s tuition to new enrollments for a limited time through 1/31. When calling the center about the deal, parents can use reference code: INFANTDAR.

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