The Ultimate Paddle Board Buying Guide

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Ultimate Paddle Board Buying Guide

Life is already hard enough and taking the time to zen out in whatever activities you might consider is always a welcomed idea. Water activities have for the past years increased in popularity. This might be contributed to the fact that there are over a million water activities to choose from. The best part is that you can participate in such activities with friends and family and at whatever given occasion and season.

There’s a lot to see and do in lakes, seas, and ocean environments. Paddleboarding falls first place on this long list. Below is an ultimate paddleboard buying guide

What You Need to Know About Paddle Boarding

As a beginner, this is a sport that might seem strange and scary. But wait until you have some months or years of experience; you’ll never want to get out of the water! This has become a modality that’s preferred by anyone who wants to have a great time whether alone, with family, or with friends. There are affordable SUP options that you might consider but then again, you must check out the quality of the paddleboard you are about to invest in. There are online reviews and guides to help you pick the right board. Also, there are some considerations that will play a huge role in the type of paddleboard you choose.

How to Choose a Paddleboard

The thing is, you want to end up with a quality paddleboard that will last and stand the tests of time. Whether buying online or offline, there are critical things that you must consider before making the final decision. Below are tips to help you choose a paddleboard. They include:

  • Performance – Consider boards that are just right for the type of water experience you want to achieve. You have boards that glide swiftly on the water while others are meant for rough water experiences
  • Quality – Be sure to pick a board that will be of the best quality. This will help to ensure durability as well as reduce the costs that come with the board’s maintenance
  • features – Go for boards that have superior features that you can take advantage of when on your daily waterboarding activities
  • Board add-ons – Modern paddleboards come with add-ons that make waterboarding a walk in the park. Some paddleboards will come with repair kits, air pumps, detachable fins, and backpacks to mention but a few. take advantage of paddleboards that come as a full package

Ultimate Paddle Board Buying Guide

Solid SUPs Vs. Inflatable SUPs

Anyone traveling abroad for some water fun will tell you that an inflatable SUP is the best. Inflatable paddle boards require minimal storage space and the same cannot be said about solid paddleboards. If you are however living in close proximity to water sources, all you need is a good rack mounted on the car and you are solid. For both options, you need to have prepared beforehand before taking that trip. This will help you plan and account for any transportation risks.

Do You Need a Bigger Paddleboard?

The size of the board you’ll be using will be determined by its uses, weight, and the experience you expect to achieve. The paddle shaft used will be determined by the aforementioned factors. With a bigger paddleboard, you can take your pet out, friends, or your kids for some water fun. But then again, this means that you’ll have to be content with slow speeds. Smaller paddleboards are sleek and are designed for speed. Ensure that you have your needs and wants to be prioritized before renting or buying a new paddleboard.

Brand Selection

There are renowned brands that specialize in the production of quality paddleboards. Having such companies on your speed dial can help narrow down your search. You need to concentrate your efforts on finding companies that have the best customer services, companies that are known to produce quality products, companies that will offer discounted rates, and not to forget warranties. This is a huge investment and you need to only deal with the best.


If you are a water sports enthusiast, then you know how important it is to check the mode of construction on your water sports equipment. Paddleboards are made of a variety of materials. This can help to determine their quality as well as the experience you can achieve from each material of construction. Plastic is known for its affordability while fiberglass is known for its durability. On the other hand, you have soft-top paddleboards that are user-friendly and of the best quality.

The above are tips that should help you invest in the best paddleboards. Whether it’s paddle-surfing, practicing paddle yoga, taking a paddle tour, or competitive paddling, you need just the right type of paddleboard for your various water activities.

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