6 Unique Breakfast Ideas for Camping

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Breakfast Ideas for Camping

When you go camping or hiking, you need to start the day properly with a solid breakfast. How will you get the energy to go hiking and explore nature properly? Indeed, for you to have a nice breakfast, you have to bring along some cooking gear: a camping stove or grill to put over the fire, a pot, a skillet, and some cutlery. If you are overlanding, all of those things may easily fit in the trunk of your car. That being said, when you are camping, breakfast doesn’t mean you can only stick to bacon and eggs. With the right ingredients, you can crop up quite a delicious breakfast. The advantage is that a meal cooked over an open fire outdoors tends to be much tastier than classic breakfasts. Here are some unique breakfast ideas for camping that can give flavor to your mornings. 

1. Campfire Frittatas

Breakfast Ideas for Camping

If you have a bigger group to feed while you are camping, then a camping frittata is the dish that you might want to go for. It’s an Italian dish that is packed with vitamins and protein – and that will easily keep you moving until lunch. In a pan placed over the campfire, throw in some vegetables, a couple of hearty eggs – after which you top it with some olive oil and sprinkle some cheese over it. This breakfast of champions is a great way to start your day. 

2. Banana Bread Pancakes

Banana bread pancakes are a very easy recipe to make when you go camping. Plus, it’s one of those recipes that you can mix while you are already at home, putting it in a sealable container in your cooler. You just need some eggs, some milk – and obviously, some bananas. Still, to get the best of the flavor, you might want to mix the ingredients on the campsite. 

3. Eggs, Avocado, and Bacon Sandwich

If you are a sandwich person in the morning, you might want to try this recipe. It has bacon, eggs, toast, and avocado – simply put, it has it all. You won’t even need any fancy cooking gear – all you’ll need is a skillet placed over the campfire.

4. Camp Stove Chilaquiles

breakfast ideas for camping

If you are looking for an easy camping breakfast that is spicy and also vegetarian-friendly, you might want to try out chilaquiles. Practically, it is a crispy tortilla that has been simmering in spicy tomato sauce, and which you have topped with a couple of eggs. Add the desired spices, and you’ll definitely love eating this under the clear sky.

5. Campfire Potatoes

Potatoes represent every camper’s best friend and a nutritious meal that can work for breakfast, lunch, and dinner alike. You may put the potatoes on skewers or directly on the grill, but one way in which we recommend that you cook them is in foil. Season them accordingly with your herbs of choice, salt, pepper, and other spices that you may like – and then simply add them over the grill.

6. Campfire Breakfast Burger

Breakfast Ideas for Camping

It can’t get any easier than burgers. You will just need some buns, burger meat, and maybe some cheese – and in just a short time (as long as it takes to cook the meat) you will have your burger. For an even stronger caloric intake, you might want to throw in an egg as well. Burgers may not be the first to come to mind when thinking of breakfast ideas for camping, but they sure are easy to make.

Now, make some coffee over the campfire, and you are done. Camping doesn’t mean that you’ll have to limit your cooking skills – but with the right ingredients, you can make some really good meals. Plus, campsite meals always tend to taste better, due to how they are cooked.

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