Inside Garden Street Hemp, New Jersey’s Newest CBD Shop

by Juliana Rodrigues
Garden Street Hemp Shop

Garden Street Hemp is New Jersey’s newest CBD shop! It radiates a small business feel. Located at 103 Garden Street in Hoboken, this shop is a must-visit for CBD enthusiasts. In 2019, owner Mike Diaz took on Garden Street Hemp as an exciting project. He gutted the space to make it completely his own. Diaz began by rolling up his sleeves and building the modern designs you see in the shop today. From the moment you walk in, it’s evident that a lot of personal care went into creating the space’s home-like atmosphere.

Garden Street Hemp and CBD

Diaz has done a great deal of research as well as had his own experiences with the cannabis Sativa. He knows the benefits of CBD personally and has seen other family members use products to remedy a variety of issues. “It’s an exciting time now that the non-psychoactive version of the cannabis plant, classified as hemp, has been legalized federally” he explained. “More and more is being understood about our bodies’ natural endocannabinoid system, and why all invertebrates are born with it.” 

Garden Street Hemp shop

With the information he has learned over the years, Diaz started Garden Street Hemp to aid newcomers in making informed decisions when using products for the first time. He also hopes to open the eyes of seasonal users to a variety of new products made with hemp or hemp CBD. New Jersey’s newest CBD shop is a place where everyone can learn something new and experience new products!

As previously mentioned, Garden Street Hemp strives for making its visitors feel at home. Diaz likes having a connection with his customers. He wants them to make his shop a stop on their way home. Diaz hopes customers will come to visit and take the time to experience his products and what they have to offer whenever they are in the Garden Street neighborhood. 

“Some people have come into the store knowing exactly what they are looking for and are very familiar with CBD, while others are just popping in to see what we’re all about. A lot of our products are designed with specific ailments in mind – such as anxiety or sore muscles,” Diaz said.

Garden Street Hemp

CBD and Health

It is important to find products that address a need as well as the lifestyle of a person. Diaz mentions that if someone prefers morning coffee or tea, he would guide them in the direction of energy-enhancing products, with the intent to kick start some energy, this will boost energy and help one focus. He may recommend hemp teas to soothe and relax the mind when winding down at the end of the day. 

Intended for improving overall health, there is a line of products known as spectrum CBD products. Choosing to improve your overall health is always a good place to start. Some customers favor fun and tasty mechanisms to get their daily dose, to which Garden Street Hemp encourages. “For those looking for some more fun and tasty ways of getting their daily CBD dose we also carry a variety of refreshing beverages, delicious chocolates and flavorful gummy treats as well. There’s seriously something for everyone.”

When it comes to choosing vendors, Diaz does a lot of research. “I found it very important to speak to the owners and families that make the products I sell. And in the near future, I plan to visit their farms.  The brands I carry all provide Certificates of Analysis for their products and many carry QR codes that the customer can scan and see the lab results online.  We offer a variety of well-respected brands.” 

Garden Street Hemp products

Top CBD Products at Garden Street Hemp

Moon Mother muscle balm, fresh-brewed Sativa coffee and Veritas Farm calming pet chews have been flying off the shelves. Sativa coffee provides not just a delicious taste, but a great boost to your morning or afternoon pick me up!

Moon Mothers muscle balm is one of the many products carried by Garden Street Hemp. This product provides muscle pain relief that has a great aroma to it. Everyone wants to know that their pets are being taken care of too which makes the pet chews so popular! 

“So many pets suffer from anxiety whether it’s when they have left home alone or something triggering like going to the vet- so it’s nice to have a natural option that can help,” Diaz added.

When visiting Garden Street Hemp, make sure to enter with an open mind. You never know what new alternatives forms of healing you may find.

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