10 Crystal Shapes and Their Meaning

by Juliana Rodrigues
crystal shapes and their meaning

Crystals aren’t just a colorful alternative decor or jewelry, they hold so much more purpose. Experts have said that the shapes of the crystals affect the way one receives the energy it is meant to emit. The intent of these stones are meant to enhance and amplify your energy, spirit and hopefully your mood. Let’s explore the 10 most common crystal shapes and their meaning.

1. Cubes

Used in order to stay grounded, the combination of meditating and holding cube-shaped crystals in your hands will produce positive energy and connect you to the earth. It is also said that placing them in the corners of your room promotes the feeling of a protected space. 

2. Pyramids 

This shape is most commonly used for manifesting desires. The pyramid is a heavy base, kind of like an anchor, that sends your messages into the universe. This crystal is known to take things to the next level when hoping for that extra boost in life. 

3. Spheres 

The power of the sphere engulfs one in connecting to the surrounding energies. This creates a sense of wholeness that is valuable when used during meditation. Holding small spheres in your hand while meditating can double as a form of massaging your muscles, which also relaxes the mind and body. 

4. Crystal Points 

This light crystal keeps your senses sharp. This is the crystal you need when manifesting something to stay focused. For example, when wishing or wanting something, write it down and place the crystal on top of the paper pointing up, similar to a pyramid. This will radiate all energy upward and into the surrounding environments. 

5. Wand 

A crystal wand is intended for healing. The rough shape of this crystal is meant to be molded and end in a point, accumulating energy and directing it toward someone or something. Aside from this crystal directing energy away from oneself, it can also be used to improve your own physical energy.

6. Hearts 

The heart shape is not a natural crystal shape, rather they are carved to display the heart. Holding a heart-shaped crystal while meditating can activate your heart’s energy. By focusing your own energy on love and light, you are welcoming pure thoughts into your heart at a vulnerable state. 

heart shaped crystal

7. Clusters 

This crystal is in its most natural shape and consists of rough points and edges. A cluster is a great crystal to encourage unity in a space. Whether it is placed on a table or gathering place in the home, it will promote a wanting of gathering and togetherness. It can also be placed in communal spaces in work environments to encourage dialogue, community and communication.  

8. Generator Tower 

This crystal generates a great deal of power that can be utilized to enhance the energy of other crystals. Generator tower crystals are also known to focus energies to speed up the power and produce results at a faster pace, almost like a boost. These crystals should be placed in the center of the other crystals being used in order to gather the energy and radiate it off each other. 

generator tower crystal shape

9. Freeform 

The freeform crystal is in fact free, by all means. They are all unique, not one being the exact same, and show off their natural beauty. They pose as decorative ornaments, paperweights, and stress relievers when held or rubbed. The energy that emits from this crystal is one that aids in relaxation and peaceful mindsets. 

10. Tumbled Stones 

The stones are also referred to as the ‘stepping stones’ of crystals. This is due to them being smaller, inexpensive and easier to find at local boutiques or online. The benefits of tumbled stones being a smaller crystal is the fact that they are travel-sized, perfect for carrying around in your pocket, purse, or to leave in your car to generate positive energy wherever you go. 

common crystal shapes

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