7 Alternative Methods for Displaying Photos

by Juliana Rodrigues

Ditch the frames and get creative with  DIY methods to display your photos. These seven alternative methods for displaying photos will liven up your workspace, bedroom, living space or kitchen. By removing your photos from those old frames, you can design something more personal. While you’re stuck at home, or if you simply want to change up your space, one of these methods will make for a fun project and help alter how you display your photos of loved ones, friends, pets, or vacation photos.

1. Photo board

A photo board can be made from a ribbon or corkboard. They act as a focal point in a room and can be placed over a desk or even over a bed. This is an organized method to display a small number of photos and is most commonly utilized in office spaces or kitchen areas.

2. Photo wall

A photo wall is exactly what it sounds like— a wall of collaged photos. If done on a small scale it can be an accent on a wall.  Some people enjoy covering an entire wall with photos, which is more commonly used as a form of art or an abstract display. Otherwise, this method can create a visual in a small corner or on a bedroom wall. This technique is often used when there is a large number of photos to be hung.

3. Photo light display

Want to dress up your photo display? Add some light! It is popular to have string lights in bedrooms or office spaces, so why not add some extra decor to them? By using mini close pins, it is simple to add polaroids or photos to the string of lights. Just like that you immediately have wall art and light. Light displays usually cover the border of the room, hung by the ceiling or lining a piece of furniture.

4. Wood and wire display

For a more sophisticated or modern look, try displaying your photos on a wood and wire arrangement. Similar to a light display, you simply place your photos on the wire pinned to the wood with mini close pins or clasps. This method seems to be more popular in kitchens or living room spaces.

5. Photo clock

A photo clock is a great way to personalize a common household product. Pick 12 photos and place them in a circle. All you need to complete this is a clock motor and hands. This is an alternative photo display as well as art or decor for your home. A photo clock would fit best in a bedroom, office or living space.

6. Shape collage

A shape collage allows you the freedom to design whatever you want. Whether it be a heart, star, circle, triangle, etc., a shape collage can be what you make it. The shape can vary in size so depending on how large or small it is, it may become part of the whole wall or be a small accent. Some people have stuck to certain themes (hearts and stars) or colors to build an art piece out of it, but this alternative photo method leaves you with the opportunity to express yourself.

7. Photo mobile

Mobiles aren’t just for nurseries anymore. You can use a photo mobile as a base made from whatever material you prefer with suspended or handing photos attached to a string. You can also add other decorations or accents to the strings like flowers, cut out shapes or streamers. These mobiles rest on a wall to create a backdrop. This is most commonly seen in bedrooms and one of the most creative alternative methods for displaying photos.

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